Kompanija Two Desperados
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Lokacija Belgrade

Join our quest to create the best casual games out there. 

We’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our Dev team and work on mobile games played by millions of players worldwide. We’re looking for someone who will be able to bring their experience and tailor it to our processes in order to improve the overall pipeline.

If you’re looking for freedom to make a visible impact on products, this is it.



You’re honest, courageous, and persistent. Desperado material.

You’re a veteran of object-oriented programming – it’s your true passion.

You have been working with C# and/or Unity for 5+ years.

You have an analytical mind and are problem-solving-oriented.

You like to work independently, but you are a team player.

You take charge of your time.

You like to see the results of your work.

You see what’s wrong and you do something about it.

You love games.


We’re an ambitious team of game developers behind two successful casual mobile games with 30 million players worldwide. We are expanding our portfolio with a new kind of casual game and working on exciting ideas. Apart from games, we focus on AI in the gaming industry and the possibilities for its application. Also, we’re a growing independent gaming company in Serbia, which basically means we drive our own decisions and we’re currently at 70 employees.


Develop ambitious projects and games.

Do all kinds of software engineering (Unity, tools, backend, frontend, design)

Think of our work process and how to make it better.

Give feedback that is heard.

Enjoy hanging out with your colleagues, drink beer and crack jokes with Cobi. Bonus if you can rap.

Develop yourself the way you see fit and be supported all the way through.

Don’t be afraid to craft your own role!

Kompanija Two Desperados
Tip zaposlenja Full Time
Lokacija Belgrade
Two Desperados
Well known for creating #1 marble shooter games – Woka Woka and Viola’s Quest – we've gathered 30 million players worldwide. Innovation lies within the team and the knowledge of our employees is what powers the change and enables us to present different approaches to the gaming scene. Player-centric, led by innovation and focused on technology, Two Desperados explores the usage of artificial intelligence in the gaming industry.