Kompanija Ingsoftware
Tip zaposlenja Internship
Lokacija Niš


Ingsoftware is a full-cycle software development company that was built from scratch in a garage in Niš thirteen years ago, to become one of the most successful local business stories of the Serbian South (and beyond!).

Our mission is to create software solutions that bring value to people and organizations and help them become more efficient and successful.

We are a team of 120+ Ingsters who love sharing knowledge, so if you are ambitious, intellectually curious, and able to learn quickly, we will be happy to support you in further developing your potential.

Does the following describe you?

If it does, do not hesitate to apply for an internship at Ingsoftware:

  • You are passionate about software development
  • You are a proactive and motivated fast learner
  • You are dependable and teamwork-oriented
  • Your English is solid
  • You have a solid understanding of Object Oriented Programming
  • You can use core Java and its standard library
  • You have dipped your toes into modern Spring-based, Java web development

Here are some additional information about this year’s internship program @ Ing:

  • The program will likely begin in mid-December and will last for two months
  • The internship is not paid and it entails full working hours during the program
  • If selected you will have an opportunity to learn from our dedicated mentors
  • Successful interns may also get an opportunity for employment at our company
  • The position can be office-based, remote, or hybrid, as long it is in Serbia
  • Flexible working hours, relaxed and friendly atmosphere

The deadline for applications is November 17th.

Kompanija Ingsoftware
Tip zaposlenja Internship
Lokacija Niš
Mi smo Ingsoftware - kompanija za projektovanje i razvoj softvera osnovana u 2009. godine u jednoj niškoj garaži (znamo da je kliše, ali baš je tako bilo), ili, rečima našeg CTO-a Stojketa: “Domaća, zdrava firma u kojoj radiš sa normalnim, pristojnim i kvalitetnim ljudima, s kojima mož’ i da se zezaš i da radiš pos’o”. Danas brojimo preko 120 zaposlenih iz cele Srbije, većinom softverskih inženjera, programera i dizajnera, a sve nas pokreće ljubav prema tehnologiji i nepresušna želja za stvaranjem softvera od početka do kraja.