Kompanija Ingsoftware
Tip zaposlenja Full Time
Lokacija Niš

Ingsoftware is a full-cycle software development company which was built from scratch in a garage in Niš fourteen years ago, to become one of the most successful local business stories of the Serbian South (and beyond!). Our mission is to create software solutions that bring value to people and organizations and help them become more efficient and successful. We are a team of 120+ Ingsters and are currently looking for more talented people who would like to join our incredible team. The position can be office-based, remote or hybrid – wherever you do your best work, as long it is in Serbia.

We are looking for someone who ticks most of these boxes:

  • 3+ years of Frontend development experience with expertise in Angular;
  • Ability to convert high-fidelity UI designs (from tools like InVision and Figma) into pixel-perfect and responsive HTML/CSS(SASS)/JS implementations;
  • Experience with developing and supporting in-production single-page apps (SPA);
  • TypeScript experience (preferable, but not mandatory);
  • Experience with one of the state management tools (NgRx, Vuex, Redux, etc.);
  • Experience with REST APIs and the ability to work with back-end developers to define an optimal interface;
  • Experience with version control (Git);
  • Experience working within a team environment, preferably using Agile/Scrum methodologies;
  • Willingness to keep learning new tech (frameworks, libs, tools) in the rapidly changing front-end development environment;
  • Willingness to mentor and guide younger colleagues;
  • Solid written English (bonus points for solid verbal English).

Apart from all the usual perks, such as private health insurance, beautiful offices, game nights, learning opportunities, here are some additional benefits that you might enjoy in Ingsoftware_:

  • Clear process for individual career development for every Ingster;
  • Truly flexible working hours;
  • Merry Wednesdays when our breaks last for 1.5 hour;
  • Working on serious projects in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere;
  • Opportunities to share your knowledge with colleagues at our Friday Tech Talks;
  • We try to avoid overtime, but if it is absolutely necessary, it is minimal and always paid.
Kompanija Ingsoftware
Tip zaposlenja Full Time
Lokacija Niš
Mi smo Ingsoftware - kompanija za projektovanje i razvoj softvera osnovana u 2009. godine u jednoj niškoj garaži (znamo da je kliše, ali baš je tako bilo), ili, rečima našeg CTO-a Stojketa: “Domaća, zdrava firma u kojoj radiš sa normalnim, pristojnim i kvalitetnim ljudima, s kojima mož’ i da se zezaš i da radiš pos’o”. Danas brojimo preko 120 zaposlenih iz cele Srbije, većinom softverskih inženjera, programera i dizajnera, a sve nas pokreće ljubav prema tehnologiji i nepresušna želja za stvaranjem softvera od početka do kraja.