3Lateral, Epic Games, SGA & Creative Tech Serbia are bringing you the Unreal Day as part of Unreal Engine World Tour 2022!

The all-day event has three parts:

- KEYNOTE & SHOWCASE / 17:00-20:30
- MASTERCLASSES / 15:00-17:00
- WORKSHOPS / 10:00-14:00

Like Unreal Engine itself, all Unreal Day programs are completely free with registration, but places are limited for Masterclasses and Workshops.


  • All those who are already part of the local Unreal Engine community, experimenting or working professionally with this tool
  • All those who just want to join the community and explore the great possibilities and wide applications that Unreal Engine offers
  • Students, high school students, young or more experienced professionals, but also all those interested in the most relevant global and local trends in the domain of CGI, 3d visualization, gaming and education – they are very welcome!

Whether you work in the field of gaming, film (post)production, architecture, new media art, interaction design or even robotics, you will find something interesting.

Dorćol Platz, Dobračina 59
17:00 – 20:30


Image Courtesy of Treehouse Digital LTD

Education is a strong focus of Epic Games, the company behind Unreal Engine. The very fact that this professional tool is available to users completely free of charge speaks volumes about it. Along with it, there are a handful of online resources, references, courses and other materials that help users, but also those who educate and train creatives who want to use UE in their work.

Serbia is not far behind in this respect, primarily through the presence and engagement of the company 3Lateral, which is part of Epic Games, but also the Crater Training Center (Train the Trainers or Train the Professionals projects) and the growing number of academic institutions that introduce or actively use UE in teaching (FDU, FTN, Metropolitan University or SAE Institute). At this panel, which will open the Keynotes & Showcase part of the program, we will gather representatives of most of them, so that through a conversation with Adam Kovač (3Lateral), they will look at what has been achieved so far, and what significant opportunities are ahead of us in the future.


  • Miljana Jovović
    Director, Crater Training Center, Belgrade
  • Mina Cvetinović Pavkov
    Assistant Professor, Faculty of Drama Arts Belgrade
  • Milan Ličina
    Associate Professor, Metropolitan University, Galerija12+
  • Miloš Obradović 
    Asistent – Master, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department of Architecture, Novi Sad
  • Predrag Milošević
    Head of Animation Department, SAE institute, Belgrade

Keynote speakers:

CGI Filmmaking with Unreal Engine
Sava Živković
Director, Hydra Studios, RS/UK

Shape Shifters Creative
Nathaniel Jordan 

Founding Partner, Shapeshifters Studio, Canada

Nine 10-minute presentations:


  • Those who already know the basics of working in Unreal Engine, or maybe they are advanced users who work as independent professionals or are part of a gaming, CGI/VFX studio or a team that deals with 3d visualizations of different formats.
  • The masterclass dedicated to the Epic MegaGrants program is particularly interesting for teams or individuals who are looking for funding for their original IPs or educational projects based on the Unreal Engine technology.

One participant can choose only one Masterclass, given that all four are held at the same time.

Prostor Miljenko Dereta, Dobračina 55
15:00 – 17:00

Spots are limited

Image courtesy of TM & © Epic Games

Apply for one these four masterclasses

Geometry Script in Unreal Engine
Krzystof Pachulski
Unreal Engine evangelist, Epic Games, Poland

Metahuman inside Shape Shifters Production Environment
David Jiang
Founding Partner & Head of Development, Shapeshifters Studio, Canada

How to – Epic MegaGrant
Adam Kovač 
Solutions Specialist, 3Lateral/Epic Games, Serbia

Combining blueprints and sequencer in Unreal Engine
Darko Subotin
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Drama Arts Belgrade


Different types of Unreal Engine users. On the one hand, there are beginners or juniors who have some experience in 3D modeling and knowledge of the UE environment (Milan Ličina’s workshop), while the other will be specifically intended for architects and those who deal with 3D visualizations and will be presented by Saša Vlajkov from the Novi Sad studio Case 3D .

The workshops are held at the Crater Training Center, an informal educational initiative that is specifically dedicated to various skills in the domain of digital crafts and production, with a special focus on Unreal Engine and Autodesk’s program, and therefore the equipment that the participants may need will be provided.

Crater Training Center, Knićaninova 3
10:00 – 14:00


Spots are limited

Image courtesy of Aaron Sims Creative TM & © WBEI

Apply for one of two workshops:

Fast Prototyping in Unreal Engine
Milan Ličina
Associate Professor, Crater Training Center, Metropolitan University

The goal of the workshop is to introduce interested designers of digital content to UE5 as a development environment for creating rapid prototypes and trying out different ideas and scenarios in real time. Through hands-on work, attendees will create a basic level using modeling tools in UE5, texture and light for the scene, and develop simple logic to test the level’s playability. In order to facilitate the workshop, candidates are expected to have basic knowledge of working with 3D tools related to geometry and texturing.

Application of Unreal Engine in interactive presentations of architectural projects
Saša Vlajkov
Medior Tech Artist, Case 3D

The workshop dedicated to the creation of interactive presentations for the needs of architectural projects is specifically intended for architects and all those who deal with 3D and/or architectural visualizations. Unreal Engine is a tool that is increasingly used for these purposes (especially the real-time visualization tool Twinmotion), and is still not widely recognized in the architectural community. That is why in this way, in cooperation with the new professional association of Serbian architects of the newer generation (ASAP), we are addressing them precisely, and we are offering them the opportunity to get acquainted with the great potential of Unreal Engine.

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