After years of steady growth, community development and many success stories, Serbia is for the first time present at Gamescom as a country, as a “national” ecosystem of game development and creative-tech companies and stakeholders.

For us – this is a major milestone and we are delighted to share it with you!

Here, you can download the digital issue SERBIA AT GAMESCOM 2023 CATALOGUE, while you can grab your printed issue in person!

We are boldly leveling up, and going beyond individual success stories to forge and present you a new, flourishing European industry emerging in the south-east of our continent - THE NEW FRONTIER OF EUROPEAN GAME DEV.

But don’t be mistaken, our benchmarks are not the times when game developers in our country were few and far between. Today we can boast some of the best quality talent in this part of the world, amazing and utterly creative service providers, as well as original games and cutting-edge technologies from Serbia which our colleagues and peers are working on, dedicated and motivated to show to the world their breathtaking accomplishments, as well as those that are yet to come.


For our first appearance at Gamescom, we brought along nine diverse companies, who all in their own different ways showcase the astonishing scope and highest quality of our industry. By engaging with them, you are opening a multitude of opportunities for collaboration, co-production and doing business together, for bringing your products and projects not one, but several steps ahead.  

Two Desperados are an accomplished producer of successful, original mobile IPs. Phobos and Shosha Games are the new lights on the horizon, working on some impressive titles that will hit the market very soon. But then, maybe most importantly, we are proud to showcase homegrown service providers of exceptional quality and scope. When it comes to art, characters, assets, cinematics or trailers, look no further than Art Bully, Onyx Studio, Digital Asset Tailors and Spring Onion Studio. On another note, Gamebizz Consulting is on the path to become one of the most relevant consultancies for our industry, globally. And we even got esports covered, with Fortuna Esports being the regional leader. 



Art  Bully Productions has been in operation for 15 years, and we have contributed to over 45 shipped titles. We’re a fully functional art outsourcing company providing full turnkey art development, which includes concept art, modeling, texturing, rigging, skinning and animation – to clients both big and small. We employ over 130 highly-skilled artists working full-time between our three studio locations.

As a quality driven company, we don’t operate a massive factory-style outsourcing venture. Instead, we function in leaner, more efficient strike teams that specialize in characters, creatures, weapons, vehicles, complex prop structures, and animation. This ranges from photo-realistic assets to highly stylized assets. We’ve created a number of these asset types for our clients.


Two Desperados is a gaming company based in Belgrade that develops casual mobile games, best known for marble shooters Viola’s Quest and Woka Woka.

Over the years, Two Desperados has become one of leading game dev companies in Serbia, with a sole passion to constantly develop new products from scratch to finish, one that will keep improving player experience in the mobile gaming industry. Back in 2010 when the studio was founded, we were a bunch of gaming enthusiasts driven by our goal to make the best casual mobile games and test innovative ideas. Now as a team of 80 people, we still live by this mantra. Tech at core, fun at heart is our motto.



Digital Asset Tailors is a Belgrade based studio founded on the backs of two veterans forged in 20 years of VFX fire with a fine eye for details and a deep understanding of the needs within the gaming industry and VFX world. We aim to be a one of a kind support system to your vision and assist you in showing the world how unique your video game truly is. Carrying on your vision in the best possible way, and helping your game captivate the gaming nation in the earliest stages and promotional period is our specialty.

Keeping up with the trends and new technologies allows us to fit in in any pipeline and work on innovative projects with premium clients and well-known studios from all over the world.



Fortuna Esports is the regional leader when it comes to esports. We handle event organization, studio and video production as well as TV and online streaming for international tournaments. Oh, and we also offer all of our expertise as a service to partners that need a hand in executing their vision.

The company was founded in 2016, and we have successfully completed more than 30 projects since, and worked with some of the biggest local, regional and international brands from various industries, such as Red Bull, Cooler Master, ASUS, A1, L’oreal, Coca-Cola, Old Spice, Samsung and many others.  



GameBiz Consulting, a leading boutique consulting firm, is committed to serving the video games industry. Our comprehensive services include business development, ad monetization, user acquisition, and tax and financial advisory – all tailored to the unique needs of game developers. Under the leadership of CEO and Founder Nikola Čavić, our experienced team has become a trusted partner for gaming companies worldwide.

Our mission is to help gaming studios focus on making great games while we take care of their business needs. We take pride in the teams we have had the opportunity to work with and continue to seek new partnerships.



Onyx Studio is an international external development provider catering to the games and VFX industry. Renowned for its comprehensive range of services, which span from art production to full cycle game development, Onyx boasts an exceptional team that is experienced, diverse, and vibrant, fully equipped to tackle any challenge that comes their way. 

The company’s offices are strategically located in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Belgrade, with plans for further expansion in the United States and Spain.


Phobos, an independent game development studio from Belgrade in Serbia, is a team of passionate creatives working on its first title – Cloudburst. It is a narrative-driven battle-royale and survival hybrid game, set in a dystopian alternate reality of Eastern Europe where players can fight each other for high valued loot, or team up and over time develop communities of survivors and fight back against drone swarms and death-sowing machines of unknown origin.

The game is developed in Epic Games’ Unreal Engine using various technologies Unreal Engine’s ecosystem has to offer – from highly realistic MetaHuman characters to Megascans’ environments – in order to bring a new level of immersion to our players and give them the tools to explore the highly detailed world of Cloudburst.



Spring Onion Studio is a renowned production house based in Belgrade, Serbia, which specializes in providing top-notch services for in-game asset development and cinematic/cutscene production. With a team of highly skilled experts proficient in sculpting, modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation, we consistently deliver high-end AAA-quality results. Our comprehensive range of art services covers the entire spectrum of game development, from the initial stages to the final marketing production.

Our portfolio proudly showcases a diverse array of projects that highlight our capabilities. For instance, we undertook the challenging task of designing, modeling, and texturing 50 characters for the highly anticipated launch of the updated Adobe Mixamo platform.



Shosha Games was founded in early 2022, but our story begins long before that. We are a group of friends that grew up together creating our own worlds through making movies, card games or music, and by immersing ourselves in the world of video games that had only begun expanding when we were growing up. Very quickly it became clear to us that games were the ultimate medium for doing what we wanted to do.

We want to give you experiences that will have you venturing into something never before seen with the courage and fearlessness of a child discovering the world while also discovering the vastness of the world within yourself. Through a uniquely tailored perspective, we create adventures that capture the essence of wonder.


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