VFX in gaming – principles and basics

SGA General 22.04.2021.
Time 17:00
Language Serbian
Location Zoom
Price Free

VFX in gaming – principles and basics

The visual aspect of each game is made up of many elements, but what gives a special dimension to the gaming experience are good, optimized and thoughtful effects. In this free, online SGA lecture, we go through the specific principles and techniques of creating effects for video games with examples, breakdowns, tips and of course time for Q&A.


The goal is for this lecture to be a collection of techniques and tips that our guest lecturer has collected over time, and he would like someone to show them to him when he started. Ognjen is the main one responsible for all the effects in one of the biggest core games currently being developed in Serbia. Together with his MHG team, from the prototype phase all the way to the full production phase, Ognjen is a person who creates all the magical effects in the game and crosses his limits every day, solving numerous challenges.


Juniors who are just entering the world of making effects – mediors who would like to pick up useful tips and tricks


  • Photoshop
  • Blender
  • Unreal Engine
Ognjen Ilkić,
Lead VFX artist, Mad Head Games
About the lecturer

After completing his academic studies in the field of Animation in Engineering. Ognjen continued his professional path in the world of animation, modeling, film effects and the gaming industry. His first job was within the Cutscene sphere where he had the opportunity to perfect his knowledge of compositing, animation and film visual effects. As he says, he often knew how to dedicate his free time to learning the Houdini program, where over time he perfected his knowledge in procedural work and simulations. All these software and the various disciplines he practiced inspired him and led him to try to combine everything into one profession to which he would fully dedicate himself – visual effects in games.