UNREAL DAY: Workshops

Creative Tech Serbia 27.10.2022.
Time 10 AM - 2 PM
Language Serbian
Location Crater Traning Center
Price Free

UNREAL DAY: Workshops

As part of the UNREAL DAY special program, we will start the day with two workshops dedicated to creating prototypes in UE, as well as creating architectural visualizations using various UE functions

The two workshops are aimed at different types of Unreal Engine users. On the one hand, there are beginners or juniors who have some experience in 3D modeling and knowledge of the UE environment (Milan Ličina’s workshop), while the other will be specifically intended for architects and those who deal with 3D visualizations and will be presented by Saša Vlajkov from the Novi Sad studio Case 3D .

The workshops are held at the Crater Training Center, an informal educational initiative that is specifically dedicated to various skills in the domain of digital crafts and production, with a special focus on Unreal Engine and Autodesk’s program, and therefore the equipment that the participants may need will be provided.

Kao i sam Unreal Engine, svi programi u okviru Unreal Day-a su potpuno besplatni uz registraciju, a mesta su ograničena za Masterclasses i Workshops. The Keynotes & Showcase part of the program is intended for all those who are already part of the local Unreal Engine community and are experimenting or working professionally with this tool, as well as those who just want to join the community and explore the great possibilities and wide applications that Unreal Engine offers.


Saša Vlajkov
Medior Tech Artist, Case 3D

Application of Unreal Engine in interactive presentations of architectural projects

The workshop dedicated to the creation of interactive presentations for the needs of architectural projects is specifically intended for architects and all those who deal with 3d and/or architectural visualizations. Unreal Engine is a tool that is increasingly used for these purposes (especially the real-time visualization tool Twinmotion), but is still not widely recognized across the architectural community. Which is why, in cooperation with the new professional association of Serbian architects of the newer generation (ASAP), we are targeting exactly them, and offering them the opportunity to get acquainted with the immense potential of the Unreal Engine.

Milan Ličina
University Metropolitan/Crater Training Center/Galerija12+

Fast Prototyping in Unreal Engine

The aim of the workshop is to introduce UE5 as a development tool to interested designers of digital content and environment for creating rapid prototypes and trying out different ideas and scenarios in real time. Through practical work, participants will create a basic game level using modeling tools in UE5, texturize and lighth the scene, as well as develop simple logic to test the gameplay of the level.

In order to facilitate the workshop, candidates are expected to have basic knowledge of working with 3D tools related to geometry and texturing.


This activity is launched by Creative Tech Serbia with the support of USAID Serbia and ICT Hub Belgrade (through the Serbia Innovates project), within the Supercluster pilot. More about the supercluster Creative Tech Serbia can be found here.

Saša Vlajkov,
Medior Tech Artist, Case 3D
About the lecturer

Saša Vlajkov is a Medior Tech Artist with a focus on level design and touchscreen applications for Unreal Engine and Unity. He graduated from Animation in Engineering at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.

He is currently writing a master’s thesis for a master’s degree in architecture on the topic of the Lumen application in the Unreal Engine 5 environment. He has been a member of the Case3D team since August 2021.

Milan Ličina,
Professor, University Megatrend / Crater Training Center
About the lecturer

Milan Ličina is a visual artist, born in 1990 in Belgrade.

In his practice he operates across the fields of emerging technologies and experiential design, using the intersection of art, design and technology as a platform to create unique narratives, with extensive experience in new media, computer graphics, creative industries, event and exhibition design.

He is active as a lecturer at the Metropolitan University and at the Crater Training Center, and in addition collaborates with Galerija12+, the Center for the Promotion of Science and many other initiatives.

He is one of the few Unreal Engine Authorized Trainers in our country.