UNREAL DAY: Keynote & Showcase program

Creative Tech Serbia 27.10.2022.
Time 5 PM
Language Serbian / English
Location Dorćol Platz
Price Free

UNREAL DAY: Keynote & Showcase program

Ispratite najbolje domaće Unreal Engine projekte, eksperte i inicijative i povežite se sa zajednicom koja daje ključan doprinos daljem razvoju brojnih kreativno-tehnoloških disciplina!

A unique event dedicated to one of the leading platforms and tools for creative visual production – Unreal Engine – will be held in Belgrade on Thursday, October 27, titled UNREAL DAY. Through the partnership of the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster, the company 3 Lateral/Epic Games and SGA, creative professionals and interested audiences will have the opportunity to attend workshops and masterclasses presented by “UE evangelists”, professionals and UE practitioners from Canada, Poland, the UK and Serbia.

In addition, the special Keynotes & Showcase event which is open to the public (with registration), leading domestic initiatives and creative studios from the domains of gaming, architecture, computer graphics and even robotics, who are successfully using this advanced creative-technological tool, will be showcase their projects done for clients or games from all over the world.

UNREAL DAY is part of the Unreal Engine Word Tour 2022. Like the Unreal Engine itself, all Unreal Day programs are – completely free with registration!

From 5 PM, Dorćol Platz will host the most extensive program dedicated to Unreal Engine ever held in our country. In addition to two distinguished keynote lectures (by Sava Živković from the UK, as well as Shape Shifters Creative from Canada), the audience will have the pleasure of following short presentations by as many as 8 Serbian teams that use UE in different ways in their projects. Among them are current and future “stars” of the domestic game dev production (Mad Head Games, Digital Arrow, Phobos, Euclidean Studios, Ebb Software), but also those working outside of the framework of gaming: Case 3D, Take One and Metacobots.


This exciting series will be rounded up by Uroš Sikimić from the company 3Lateral / Epic Games, while the program will begin with a panel dedicated to the use of Unreal Engine in education, in which representatives of the leading formal and informal educational centers will participate: Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade, Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad, Metropolitan University, Crater Training Center and SAE Institute.


Two delicacies are also hidden in the lineup of this unique Unreal Engine festival. The acclaimed Canadian CGI studio Shape Shifters Creative is not only visiting this part of Europe for the first time, but this is happening shortly after the release of their latest project – a “metahuman” version of the basketball star Luka Dončić, which attracted a lot of attention of both his fans, but also colleagues from the industry. Nathaniel Jordan, co-founder of the studio will tell us about their journey, but also about this particular project.

On the other hand, the Belgrade-based company EBB Software – whose game Scorn is eagerly awaited by players around the planet since years – will also join us, with  their appearance at the Unreal Day program comes only ten days after the official release of the game for PC, as well as the Xbox exclusive. Lazar Mesaroš, Art Producer from this team will present their path towards the release of one of the most ambitious games ever developed in our country.

And that’s not all! During the program, the audience will be able to watch a large number of trailers, CGI animations and other projects by numerous guests of this special event, who are coming from Belgrade and Novi Sad, but also from Toronto, Manchester, Taiwan and Warsaw. 



This activity is launched by Creative Tech Serbia with the support of USAID Serbia and ICT Hub Belgrade (through the Serbia Innovates project), within the Supercluster pilot. More about the supercluster Creative Tech Serbia can be found here.

Sava Živković,
Director, Hydra Studios
About the lecturer

Sava Živković is a Director based in Belgrade, Serbia with over 14 years of experience working in CG animation. He developed a strong passion for moving images in his early days of studying design at Belgrade University of Applied Arts, and upon graduating he decided to pursue a filmmaking career.

He has a strong belief in devoting time to personal projects, has received several awards and recognitions from the industry and has also given back to the industry by publishing some of his insights and behind the scenes processes from his personal short films. Sava collaborates with multiple animation studios and runs his own independent production. His Directing work includes films for Destiny 2, Gears of War 5, Outriders, Dead Island 2, Diablo Immortal, HUXLEY and Tencent Games, as well as critically acclaimed and award winning short films like IFCC, FREIGHT,  Playgrounds and most recently Irradiation.

Nathaniel Jordan,
Founding Partner & President, Shape Shifters Creative
About the lecturer

Nathan Jordan is a Founding Partner and President of Shape Shifters Creative, specializing in business and technology development. With a career spanning several industries, from Aerospace/Telecom to Fintech development with Python and SAP, Nathan found his calling as a Rigging, CFX and Pipeline TD for Feature Animation, TV and Real Time Cinematics productions.

Now responsible for wearing many different hats at Shape Shifters, Nathan strives to leverage his diverse experiences and skillset to best help the team, whether that be through business development and management, or through driving production technology, Python automations and machine learning RnD. He is determined to see Shape Shifters grow as one of the premier Real-Time Production houses in the industry, and continue to push the envelope when it comes to technology, fidelity and cinematic storytelling in the Unreal Engine.