The shaping of a video game

Playing Narratives 20.06.2024.
Time 18:00-20:00
Language Serbian
Location Zoom
Price Free

The shaping of a video game

We delve more and more into the technologies and principles of working on video games with the second edition of workshops for the participants of the fourth cycle of the Playing Narratives program.

And this week, with the help of seniors from domestic and European industry, we continue with several lectures for each of the departments we have in this cycle. The knowledge gained is soon put into practice as our newly formed teams start working on concepts for their first game.

These are the lectures we have prepared:



Visual art in level design: creating atmosphere and aesthetics in game worlds
This topic explores how visual elements such as lighting, color, texture, and composition contribute to the creation of believable and aesthetically appealing game worlds. The topic will teach how the proper application of visual principles can improve player immersion and the emotional experience of a game.



Lighting in the gaming industry
The development path of a lighting artist in the gaming industry and how to get the first job in this position, with practical craft advice.

Textures in production
Technical knowledge as the key to free creation. How knowledge of tools and processes defines the production process.



Sound design as a team discipline
Successful video game development requires talent, creativity, expertise and teamwork. Communication between teams and mutual understanding are the most important factors for fruitful cooperation. That is why it is essential that everyone in the team considers themselves primarily a game developer, and only then a specialist in their field. How to do it from a sound perspective?



How to write a game and not kill the love of writing
This presentation is intended for everyone who wants to gain awareness of the “collision” of the power of a keyboard, and the production conditions of a video game, especially in the conditions of independent development. The writer, the narrative designer, the dramatist of the interactive experience often has no idea of ​​everything that his written sentence requires of the entire pipeline, which leads to team-level misunderstandings, ego conflicts, and various other “childhood diseases” headed by a game of deaf phones. It doesn’t have to be like that and it shouldn’t be.
Aleksej Krpan,
Narrative writer
About the lecturer

In his former life as a journalist, editor, author, event organizer, manager and public relations consultant, and in his current life as a narrative designer, writer, creative writing consultant and voice actor, Aleksey Krpan has been continuously engaged in creating stories in all possible forms for almost two decades. Mostly on a mouse, keyboards and joysticks, so entering the gaming industry was inevitable, and among all other reasons motivated by the desire to move from countless reviews of video games and the industry itself to concrete titles. Alexey was a Narrative Writer for the detective adventure “Let Byons Be Bygones” by the studio Bohemian Pulp. He is currently preparing his mental capacity for multiple new projects, from indie dev to potential AA titles. He is obsessed with city builder games and will make one at some point.

Leona Stojković,
Freelance 2D artist
About the lecturer

Born in Vršac in 2002. I am currently studying Video Game Design at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. I’ve been drawing and playing video games since I was little, but I became more interested in this world at the beginning of high school. I have been freelancing for 5 years. I worked as a concept artist on the DnD project Heroic Story and some others. I am currently working as an art director and game/level designer on a 2d mobile game and I am the manager/admin of an art server on Discord with almost 11k members – Soul Art. I’m a big fan of potatoes. (Potat for the win)

Nemanja Ivanišević,
Lighting artist, Onyx Studio
About the lecturer

Seven years of experience in the field of photography and videography was the basis for my training as a lighting artist in the gaming industry. My main focus is on lighting in video games, where the combination of visual creativity with advanced technical skills is crucial to create an environment that perfectly follows the story of the game.

Željko Mihajlović,
Head of Art Production, ONYX Studio
About the lecturer

He independently stepped into the 3D world 10 years ago as a 3D generalist, and later specialized as a character artist. He currently works as the Head of Art Production at the ONYX Studio company.