The Rule Of Thumb – hypercasual webinar

SGA General 23.11.2022.
Time 6-8PM
Language English
Location SGA Zoom
Price Free

The Rule Of Thumb – hypercasual webinar

Not just casual. HYPERcasual! No subgenre of mobile games has so successfully divided people into "they're not games" and "of course they are". Whatever you think of them, the dominance of games you can play with one hand is not going away. However, the market is changing hyper-fast. If you're following the trends, you're already behind. They should be anticipated. That's why we've teamed up with Voodoo experts, with whom we'll see what the future holds for such games and how to jump on that train as easily as possible.

A third of the top 100 titles on digital stores are from this genre. Only on the basis of ad-monetization they will generate 3.4 billion this year alone. And not only have they introduced an army of first-time video game players (who are willing to spend), they’re forcing creators to simplify mechanics as much as possible and find unprecedented ways to animate their player base.

What is perhaps the most attractive: they are easy to make, working on a game can take as little as six months, budgets are minimal, and by keeping track of the metrics you can quickly know whether you are on the right track or need to move on to the next iteration or a new idea.

That’s why these presentations await you at the webinar:

  1. The next era of hypercasual games – what’s next on the market and how to prepare
  2. Voodoo Academy in Novi Sad – the first academy that this hyper-successful global publisher launched in the world in cooperation with the Novi Sad studio Tummy Games. Here you can learn how these games are made, and a new generation is joining soon
  3. All about Voodoo and how to work with them – the leader in the mobile game market and the number one company with the most monthly downloads on the App Store. Voodoo apps have over 200 million monthly users and have generated over a billion downloads

Participation is free with registration. See you! Get your thumbs ready 🙂

Giada Mazzola,
Senior Publishing Manager, Voodoo
About the lecturer

Over four years at the Voodoo company, Giada started in the gaming industry as an intern in their Content Lab division. She moved into game publishing and quickly rose to her current position as Senior Manager for New Title Publishing.

Can Ince,
Publishing manager, Voodoo
About the lecturer

With extensive experience in the mobile industry and marketing, Can Ince is now contributing to the expansion of Voodoo globally and is based in Turkey.

Marija Savić,
Program Manager, Voodoo Academy + Tummy Games
About the lecturer

Passionate and skilled in event management, organization and people development, project management, entrepreneurship, education, early childhood education, facilitation, mentoring, networking, process mapping, process delivery, process optimization, Maria now focuses her skills on educating juniors in hypercasual games.