Shift2Games Career Day

Shift 2 Games 22.06.2023.
Time 11:00 - 17:00
Language Serbian
Location Dorćol Platz
Price Free

Shift2Games Career Day

For everyone who is interested in a career in the gaming industry, we are organizing the first job fair and career counseling! Show your art to game art seniors, ask HR people anything you're interested in and meet leading gaming companies. At the end of it all - inspiring lectures and the launch of our new platform Shift2Games!


For you! If you’re looking for a career in gaming, whether you’re just exploring, looking for your first job or already working somewhere and want to move into the gaming industry.


Several stages will be organized throughout the day in the large area of Dorćol Platz:


You draw for yourself, you watch tutorials on YouTube for hours, but you have no idea if you’re going in the right direction or not. During the whole day you will have the opportunity to show your works to senior artists from the companies: Playstudios, Nordeus, Crater and Art Bully.

All you need is to bring your tablet, laptop, USB or just a phone on which you will show your ArtStation account or portfolio, and they will give you feedback and guidelines for further work. You can also ask them how they’re doing at work, what you need to study next, and what your next steps are for entering the gaming industry.


Some of our members will be there at your disposal – for you to get to know them and for them to get to know you!


In this part of the fair, you can talk 1 on 1 with people who hire future gaming talents and who take care of employees in the companies: Playstudios, Wargaming, Nordeus, Mad Head Games.

You can ask them anything: how is an interview for a position, what is expected in the test, what is team building like… Here you can also show your CV, to see if you need to improve it somehow. You can also apply for internships in companies that are planning them soon. And merch packages are waiting for everyone in the HR corner.


At the very end, the main dynamic program will be held on the main stage from 4 p.m

  • INSPO TALKS: What can be done in gaming and how do you get there? Those who have succeeded know this. Listen to three turbo short but dynamic lectures from the stars of domestic gaming!> Nikola Damjanov (Nordeus) – Game art
    > Anđela Simić (Playstudios) – Game Design
    > Nikola Šoškić (Shosha Games) – Indie development
  • LAUNCH of the Shift2Games PLATFORM: Shift2Games finally becomes the address for all of you on June 22nd at this event!
  • SOMETHING TOP TOP SECRET (Well, it’s a secret duhh!)

This activity is launched by the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster, with the support of USAID Serbia and ICT Hub Belgrade (through the Serbia Inovira project). You can read more about the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster here.

Mad Head Games,
Novi Sad
About the lecturer

Mad Head Games is a local bootstrapped developer from Belgrade and Novi Sad made up of hard-working, passionate, dedicated dreamers who strongly believe that games have the power to make anyone’s day a little bit more fun and imaginative. In 2020 MHG became a part of Embracer group, where they will continue to develop their projects independently.

Playstudios Europe,
About the lecturer

PLAYSTUDIOS is a leader in the field of social gaming. They develop a revolutionary social gaming platform aimed at reshaping the way people from all segments play online. Their office in Belgrade is full of talented engineers, game designers, and other leaders working together to change the face of social gaming! They have more things planned.

About the lecturer

Best known for its World of Tanks, World of Warships, and World of Warplanes franchises, Wargaming boasts 25 years of experience in the sector and has 16 offices around the world. The company is also committed to giving back to the community and making a positive impact on the world, having established a number of initiatives to support education, technology, and the arts.

About the lecturer

Nordeus is an independent gaming company. Today, it employs 180 people from across 20 countries and is best known for Top Eleven – the world’s most successful mobile sports game with over 230 million registered users globally. Since then Nordeus has successfully launched Golden Boot, a free-kick flick game, and Heroic – Magic Duel, a fast-paced PvP.

Art Bully Productions,
About the lecturer

Art Bulli Production is an outsourcing studio that produces 2D and 3D art for the most famous AAA games such as: Call of duty, Fortnite, Stray, Aliens Fireteam elite, Marvel Avengers, Godfall, Fallout…

About the lecturer

Sperasoft is an international game development company (a contributor to such franchises as Halo, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed, and Rainbow Six) with 20 years of business. The company is headquartered in Burbank, California, with production studios located in Eastern and Central Europe (Poland, Malta, Italy, Serbia, and Armenia). Sperasoft offers fully international development capabilities with comprehensive professional teams that are constructed with the best producers, engineers, designers, and artists in the gaming industry.