SGA Legal Insights [vol. 1]: Karanović & Partners

SGA General 24.10.2023.
Time 9.30 AM - 12 PM
Language Serbian
Location Karanović & Partners
Price Free

SGA Legal Insights [vol. 1]: Karanović & Partners

In cooperation with the leading regional law firms that are partners of the SGA, in October and November we are organizing two special events for our members. Through the format of a working breakfast, they will offer them the opportunity to learn more about various practical legal issues that are relevant to the work of gaming studios and companies.

Since its establishment, SGA has nurtured and developed new partnerships with leading representatives from the domain that have direct relevance to the business of gaming companies and studios, in order to provide its members with the best conditions for improving their business and raising their capacities in every sense.

We have so far cooperated with various services, consulting houses, representatives of civil society or foundations and development agencies, but one of the key segments is certainly support in the domain of legal issues, protection of intellectual property, data, compliance with international market regulations and much more.

In this regard, SGA cooperates with even two eminent regional law offices with great experience, which are available to our members for certain types of support and with which we selflessly share our experiences, with which they reciprocate. The offices in question are Karanović & Partners and Moravčević Vojnović and Partners in cooperation with Schoenherr.

Through a working breakfast format, which will be held on October 24th and November 14th, they will share with our members insights into some of the key and realistic topics relevant to business in the field of video game development.

The first of the two events is hosted by the office of Karanović & Partners. On this occasion, we will jointly process a corpus of topics related to the Protection and use of IP: general and practical recommendations, and representatives of studios and companies will have the opportunity to ask their questions and receive free legal consultations.

Some of the topics we will discuss are:

  • Recommendations for a good wording of the IP clause in the Employment Agreement;
  • How in practice does the author (employee or other collaborator) retain the right to moral rights, after transferring property rights to the author’s work to the company;
  • What is important to know and regulate by contract when creating content (content creation) with third parties;
  • Trademark protection and use – examples from practice;
  • AI & IP.

Karanović & Partners is a regional legal practice based in Southeast Europe with a tradition of over 25 years and teams in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Albania. With more than 100 lawyers working together as one team, they are known for being a reliable partner in complex legal processes, for innovative legal solutions, and for making a key contribution to the development of law in Southeast Europe. Clients include businesses from all commercial and industrial sectors, governments, regulators, trade bodies and not-for-profit organisations. Karanović & Partners provide extensive experience and insight gained from working on some of the largest projects and transactions in the region.

Jelena Ašanin,
Senior Associate, Karanović & Partners
About the lecturer

Jelena is the Employment Practice Group’s Senior Counsel. Jelena has over 20 years of employment law experience. Her expertise is in setting up employment structures for clients, drafting of customized general labour acts and policies, employee benefits and stock options, employment contracts, advising in collective bargaining, strike-related matters, and implementation of dismissal procedures, including RIF (reduction in force). Owing to the diversity of her IT clients, she also provides advice on remote working practices. Jelena has extensive experience in labour litigation as well. She is an independent Attorney at Law in cooperation with Karanović & Partners.

Nikola Kliska,
Senior Associate, Karanović & Partners
About the lecturer

Nikola Kliska is the Head of the Intellectual Property Practice at Karanović & Partners. He advises clients in the development of brand portfolios, with a special emphasis on regional presence in the Balkans. He has extensive experience in the fight against counterfeiting arising from his cooperation with customs, police, market inspectors and private investigators. Preventing parallel imports is one of his favorite topics. He is an independent lawyer in cooperation with Karanović & Partners.