SGA Finance Insights [vol. 1]: Managing team & founder expenses

SGA General 04.06.2024.
Time 10-12h
Language Serbian
Location ImpactHUB
Price Free

SGA Finance Insights [vol. 1]: Managing team & founder expenses

The first SGA Finance Insights topic will be Managing team & founder expenses and it will entail a financial and tax (with a sprinkle of labor law) deep dive into opportunities and pain points that teams, studios and companies may encounter in connection to various team and founder expenses, the chief of which are salaries.

Some of the topics we will discuss:

  • What makes up the net, gross and gross 2 salary amounts, what is the effective tax rate (ETR) and what impacts it?
  • What are the differences in overall financial burden between various forms of team member engagement, employment, service contract, supplementary work, etc? 
  • What is the treatment of bonuses and how they can be used to optimize the ETR?
  • What are the pros and cons of dividends vs. salary payments for founders?
  • What tax incentives can be used to lower the ETR, how can they be applied and what their potential impact could be?

The plan is for attendees to gain a clearer understanding of what impacts their overall financial burden related to salaries and founder compensations and what are the options they have available to manage this burden. 

Who is this lecture for:

  • For small and medium gaming teams
  • For LLCs and lump sums
  • For tax, legal and finance teams of larger companies

How to apply:

  • This lecture is for SGA members only. Contact and we will send you the application form.


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