SGA Assemble

SGA General 20.09.2023.
Time 6 PM
Language Serbian
Location Novi Sad
Price Free

SGA Assemble

Annual informal gathering of the SGA community - members, partners and friends - marking the start of a brand new program season!

In addition to the SGA Annual Assembly, a formal and working gathering of members that takes place every April, the SGA ASSEMBLE event is, since 2021, an opportunity to mark the beginning of the new “school year”, and to gather members, partners and friends of our organization in an informal atmosphere, and in large attendance.

The hosts of the gathering this time will be the company 3Lateral (as part of Epic Games) from Novi Sad, one of the founding companies of the SGA, globally recognized for the technology they developed for the complete digitization of the human character (Metahuman). As SGA tries to work with all of tis members and the community no matter where they are based in Serbia (we regularly organize programs in Novi Sad and Niš), this year we will meet in one of the best event spaces in Novi Sad and organize the transport from both Niš and Belgrade.

Adam Kovač, Solution Specialist from 3Lateral and Marija Ilić, President of the Board of Directors of the SGA, will briefly address the crowd. The full SGA team will be in attendance as well, led by Relja Bobić (Program Director) and Kristina Janković Obućina (Executive Manager), and will provide an overview of all the most important achievements since the previous SGA Assemble gathering, but also what is even more important – of everything that awaits us in the coming period, as well as in 2024 from which we have “expectedly high expectations”.

During 2023, SGA organized the international conference FTW! for the second time, in an enhanced edition, in even more locations and with more programs; for the first time we premiered together with 9 domestic studios at the biggest gaming fair in the world – Gamescom; we launched an online platform and even a TV show Shift2Games; behind us are also numerous activities of the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster, such as Upgrade in Progress, a business-mentoring program intended for our members. Already for October, we are planning the second edition of Unreal Day, a rich international program for fans and users of Unreal Engine, now in a larger format and with a regional focus. You can follow all the other activities we are planning for this “school” year on the website, and on other SGA channels during the coming months.

What is only left to say is: 2024 – here we come!

Marija Ilić,
SGA, board president
About the lecturer

Marija Ilic is the President of the Board at the Serbian Games Association, a non-profit, non-government organization, with the goal of supporting the growth of the video games sector in Serbia. As a gaming studio co-founder, wearing many hats during a 15+ years long career gave Marija broad experience and expertise in both creative and leadership roles.

Adam Kovač,
Solutions Specialist, 3Lateral
About the lecturer

He received his high school education at the 9th Gymnasium in Belgrade, after which he enrolled at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences with the idea of ​​dealing with (operational) management. Although he was then interested in optimizing the work process, he began his career in a combination of circumstances in financial consulting at the international company EY. There, he made analyzes and reports that help with the acquisitions of larger companies (SBB, Imlek, Knjaz Milos, Bambi…).

One of them was a turning point. While working on the acquisition of 3Lateral by Epic Games he met the 3Lateral team. Today, it is in this company that it helps clients choose the right technology solutions, helps the growth of local startups and creative communities, and deals with marketing and public relations.

Adam also has a great love for mentoring. During his studies and career, he mentored more than 100 students of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in groups, and individually (1 on 1) about 30 students and team members.

Relja Bobić,
Program Director, SGA
About the lecturer

Ever since the early 2000s, Relja Bobić was the author of numerous cultural and artistic projects realized in Serbia, as well as across Europe, in USA and Canada. Active as an independent curator, arts and events manager, music promoter, radio author and translator, he initiated and took part in 100s of events, co-founded four international festivals, curated many exhibitions, conferences, publications and informal education projects.

In 2012, he was one of the co-founders of Nova Iskra creative hub, and later on the European Creative Hubs Network. He enjoys designing physical and cognitive spaces within which young creatives can collaborate and create in new ways. Since 2020, he is the Program Director at SGA (Serbian Games Association).

Kristina Janković Obućina,
Executive manager, Serbian games association (SGA)
About the lecturer

Kristina has been working with local gaming companies and teams for five years and has all the information about the industry up her sleeve. She is always in the mood to talk about gaming and find a way to support young creatives and new projects. She is proud to work in SGA in the position of executive manager.