Motion capture meetup in Niš

Creative Tech Serbia 23.02.2023.
Time 17:00
Language Serbian
Location Faculty of electronic engineering, Niš
Price Free

Motion capture meetup in Niš

Until now, there have been several big revolutions in the gaming industry, and one of them is definitely the introduction of motion capture technologies. MoCap has become an important tool in game development and other industries as well, adding realism and nuance to the way characters interact with their environment.

Increases the fidelity of animations and micro-animations. Acting nuances are accurately captured and transferred to a digital character much faster than using hand animation alone. The results are more realistic character animations and are achieved much faster than they could be without MoCap.

One of the biggest benefits is that there are solutions that are affordable even for smaller teams, and their use relieves the pipeline and opens up space for greater creativity.

What are all the uses of these technologies and how they are implemented in the pipeline will be explained to us first-hand by people from the gaming and film industries who use them on a daily basis.


***We are especially glad that we are hanging out in Niš this time! Transportation was also organized for 15 interested people from Belgrade. You only need to sign up via link.

This activity is launched by the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster, with the support of USAID Serbia and ICT Hub Belgrade (through the Serbia Innovates project). You can read more about the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster here.



The use of MoCap technologies in the work in mobile games. The use of Xsens suits in the process of animating characters in mobile video games. You’ll hear more about the suit itself, the projects the Peaksel team has used it on, and the biggest benefits. One volunteer from the audience will try on the suit, so we go through the animation process with the lecturers.

Motion capture in the film industry. How the Motion Capture suit can be used for character animation in a film production, both for the main characters and for mass scenes. Along with this, we will see how Crater Studio is developing a complex system in which the use of suits is combined with MetaHuman Creator characters for film production.

AA games and MoCap systems. Experiences in working with Motion Capture technology on AA projects at Mad Head Games.

When to choose MoCap. Danko will tell us about an interesting experience from his studio Ingenious Studios, where the domain of the game dictated the choice of mocap technology. We will also see how a change in technology can affect the production process.

Ana Nerubacki,
3D Designer, Peaksel
About the lecturer

Ana Nerubački works as a 3D designer at Peaksel, a company from Niš that develops games and applications for mobile devices. Interest in 3D design arose during architecture studies, and later through involvement in design and visualization projects for apartment and office interiors. A few years later, she shifted her focus to the gaming industry where she is mostly involved in modeling and texturing game assets in Maya, Zbrush and Substance Painter. She has numerous successful projects behind her, including virtual five and escape games.

Miljan Saković,
Lead 3D Artist, Peaksel
About the lecturer

Miljan Saković is a graduate engineer in electrical engineering for electronics from the University of Niš, who works as a lead 3d artist in the company Peaksel, which develops games and applications for mobile devices. A passionate lover of digital art, photography and animation with many years of experience in programs such as Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Unity… Many successful projects behind him, in which he participated through the processes of modeling, texturing, rigging and animation.

Bogdan Amidžić,
VFX Supervisor, Crater Studio
About the lecturer

Part artist and part technician, Bogdan is a marathon runner for whom no distance is too big and none a challenge too difficult. Most of all, he likes to destroy the myth of the idea that there is something that cannot be done, by finding
inspiration in breaking stereotypes and proving that with the right mindset no ambition is too high. Bogdan has extensive experience in VFX production in various fields. Always driven by new challenges, he invests his love for screenplay and concept art in finding new creative solutions. To the Crater He started his studio career as a Digital Compositor, but slowly turned to 3D and Houdini. Except it is lead to his fellow artists at Crater, he also works as a lecturer at the Crater Training Center.

Danko Rančić,
Software Developer, Ingsoftware
About the lecturer

Danko started his career as a full stack developer, working on enterprise web applications. Today he works in gaming, and likes to solve technically demanding problems in the interactive domain. He also likes to share experiences with industry colleagues.

Matija Mirić,
Technical Artist, Mad Head Games
About the lecturer

Member of Mad Head Games since 2015. As a Technical Artist, he worked on hidden object and other casual titles for PC and Mobile. Since 2018, in the position of 3D animator, participated in the creation of gameplay animations for Scars Above, Pagan Online and another unannounced project.