MetaHuman Creator: from narrative to characters in just a few minutes

SGA General 27.05.2021.
Time 17:00
Language Serbian
Location Zoom
Price Free

MetaHuman Creator: from narrative to characters in just a few minutes

Epic Games is launching a new, groundbreaking digital character design tool, developed by none other than 3Lateral team in Novi Sad, which is part of Epic Games


Since almost all of us can create compelling digital people in a fast and fun way through MetaHuman Creator. Still – what makes a character beautiful? How to convincingly copy a story or concept into the character you are creating? What are some additional artistic applications of MetaHuman? We encourage you to ask questions as Alexa from 3Lateral guides you through several examples of character creation based on narrative and concept. We will direct you to other inspiring and educational examples of using MetaHuman at the end of the lecture.


For everyone who is already dealing with or just entering the world of creating digital people.

  • Character / concept / VFX artists
  • comics artists and painters
  • architects and creators of virtual content for marketing, social networks
  • Curious and enthusiasts – MetaHuman Creator is available to everyone!


  • MetaHuman Creator
  • Unreal Engine
Aleksa Bračić,
Concept design, Character Art, 3Lateral
About the lecturer

Aleksa Bračić is a concept designer – character artist at 3Lateral, a company that is part of Epic Games. He has worked as a character artist on video games like Marvel’s Spiderman, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Batman Arkham VR, Devil May Cry 5, Star Citizen. “I studied painting in Turin, so the mixture of strict Balkan, almost martial arts discipline and Italian aesthetic identity is responsible for the passion for art and the diversity of my works.”