#IamRemarkable workshop – proud of my success

SGA Empowers 24.03.2022.
Time 4 PM
Language Serbian
Location Nova Iskra Dorćol
Price Free

#IamRemarkable workshop – proud of my success

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the first #IamRemarkable workshop held live in Serbia!
#IamRemarkable is a global initiative by Google that seeks to empower everyone, especially women and underrepresented groups, to celebrate and discuss their achievements in the workplace and beyond.

You work in gaming – why apply?

What many women cite as a stumbling block is just that – the inability to stand behind their successes, which they often justify for various reasons, by mere coincidence. What experts call “intruder syndrome”. These prevent them from advancing, advocating for themselves, seeking promotion or advancement, and negatively affecting their career development in the long run, regardless of whether they are game designers, programmers, seniors or just entering the gaming industry.


Who runs the workshop?

The facilitator of this workshop is Nina Jocic. Nina works for Google in Zagreb, as an Analytical Consultant. With her help, you will learn why self-promotion is a necessary ally in career development, and we will equip you with specific tools that will help you develop this skill in the right way.

The workshop lasts 90 minutes.

💜 IMPORTANT: Due to the quality of work, the number of places in this free online workshop is limited. Applications are required through this form, closing on Friday, March 18 at midnight. We confirm your participation by e-mail on Monday, March 21.

This workshop is part of the SGA Empowers program, presented in cooperation with the Swedish Embassy in Belgrade and the Swedish Institute, in partnership with the special Tekla program. These workshops, as well as the festival of the same name, aim to increase the number of women and girls in the IT industry, bring STEM education closer to young girls and strengthen their role in the development of the digital society.

Nina Jocić,
Analytical Consultant, Google
About the lecturer

Nina works for Google in Zagreb, in the position of Analytical Consultant. In addition to work, she is in love with learning and teaching. Her impressive academic career has enabled her to teach at Edward Bernays University and at several business universities. In her spare time, she engages in various initiatives, such as Women @ Google, an organization that supports women through various programs. One of them is the #IamRemarkable workshop.