How do we make games?

SGA Empowers 24.03.2022.
Time 10:00
Language Serbian
Location Mejkers Spejs
Price Free

How do we make games?

Are you going to high school? Any class, any school, any major. You love video games and have always wondered how they are made and can you be a part of it? Or do you adore them, and it never occurred to you that you could make them ?! That is exactly where we want to help.

Is this workshop for me?

Working on video games is the dream of many gamers, and what most often prevents them from pursuing a career in gaming is the lack of information. You can make games if you are talented in: drawing, writing, music, if you are the one who always organizes who will do what, if you are the best in computer science or mathematics.

Each of these talents has its place in working on one game, and this workshop aims to do just that. To shed light on what can be done when a game is created and to reveal to you your hidden – or obvious – talent that is sought after in gaming today.

What will the workshop look like?

  • 45 ‘- Our mentors give lectures and answer your questions
  • 90 ‘- Together with your team (you and three other girls) you are working on a concept for the game
  • 30 ‘- Presentation of concepts + socializing, refreshment

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Who does what when a game is being made
  • How the game is made
  • Differences between mobile and PC games
  • How teams within studios and companies work together
  • How to find a job in gaming

Who are the mentors:

  • Darinka Zobenica, Ubisoft – programming mentor
  • Bojana Božin, Two Desperados – mentor for game design
  • Marija Mladenović, Nordeus – mentor for UX
  • (TBA) Mad Head Games – art mentor

Where does the workshop take place?

In the beautiful and inspiring space Mejker Spejs in the very center of Belgrade. Makers Space as part of the  Science Club Belgrade is an open laboratory for all creatives who are looking for a place to realize their ideas. As part of the Science Club Belgrade, on over 130 square meters of space that can be used in various ways.


We are writing an excuse for principals and class teachers! The workshop is during school hours, if you are the first shift, and we will be happy to write you an excuse. We firmly believe that the time spent on our workshop will bring you a lot of useful experience and will be only the first step in your research of video games.

Places are limited. We choose only 20 girls whose applications we like the most and who show the greatest desire to participate. Apply by filling out this short form. Applications close on Friday, March 18 at midnight. We confirm your participation by e-mail on Monday, March 21.

You need parental consent. If you apply, it is necessary to bring the consent of one of the parents or guardians so that you can participate, as well as so that we can take and use your photos / videos after the event. The consent form is in the application form.

This workshop is part of the SGA Empowers program, presented in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade and the Swedish Institute, in partnership with the special Tekla program. These workshops, as well as the festival of the same name, aim to increase the number of women and girls in the IT industry, bring STEM education closer to young girls and strengthen their role in the development of the digital society.

Bojana Božin,
Two Desperados, Game Designer
About the lecturer

Bojana is a software engineer, she studied in Belgrade and Beijing. She joined Two Desperados in 2020. She is currently working as a Game Designer on the Woka Woka game.

Darinka Zobenica,
Junior Gameplay Programmer, Ubisoft
About the lecturer

Darinka started her gamedev journey with an internship at COFA Games when she was in high school. Since then, she’s made small games of her own and other personal projects, studied at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, as well as the Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad. She did fundraising, team leading, and was the president of Omicron Students ’Organization throughout her college studies. She used to write technical articles for Stack Abuse and work for several other clients on Upwork making interpreters and teaching about making LLVM compilers. She now works as a Junior Gameplay Programmer at Ubisoft Belgrade.