Game Design: mobile + indie

Playing Narratives 15.06.2023.
Time 18:00
Language Serbian
Location Impact HUB
Price Free

Game Design: mobile + indie

Game design - a broad and elusive term. We will explain the basics of game design in mobile projects that are made for tens of millions of players, but also in future projects that address specific niches of players who have their own expectations and requirements from the game they choose.

Narrative Designer is responsible for shaping the story, characters, and world of a video game. Works closely with other members of the game development team, including game designers and developers, to ensure the game’s story is compelling, coherent and engaging for players.

Level Designer is responsible for creating and designing the levels or environments that players will navigate in a video game. Works closely with the creative team to understand the overall vision, mechanics and narrative, and then translate these concepts into tangible level layouts. The Level Designer strategically places obstacles, enemies, puzzles and interactive elements to ensure an engaging gaming experience. It also takes visual aesthetics into account to create visually appealing environments that complement the game’s theme and art style.

Monetization Designer is responsible for creating and implementing strategies to generate revenue after the initial purchase price of the game. Works closely with developers, producers and marketing teams to design and optimize in-game economy, virtual goods and monetization systems. Monetization Designer’s primary goal is to strike a balance between player satisfaction and financial success. Analyzes player behavior, market trends and industry standards to find potential monetization opportunities.

This division already shows that the topic of game design is complex, that’s why we invited people from both sides of the spectrum to explain to the participants of the third cycle of the Playing Narratives program in which directions they can develop their skills.

Anđela Simić,
Game Designer & Product Owner, Playstudios Europe
About the lecturer

With many years of experience in game design of mobile games, Anđela has worked on some of the biggest mobile games published in Serbia. In addition to working in the office, she is dedicated to imparting knowledge to everyone interested in entering the industry, and she also taught as part of the Master 4.0 project.

Vanja Knežević,
Game developer, Euclidean Studios and International Committee of the Red Cross
About the lecturer

Vanja is a VR and game developer – by day he works at the International Committee of the Red Cross and develops VR simulations for training purposes, By night he makes Nazralath with Euclidean Studios. Learning about technology, society and art in order to become equipped to handle complex civilization-scale tasks. Long-term goal is to be capable to make the right decisions when they matter most. Strong background in working with data, extracting insights from it and telling stories. He is also a member of Board of Directors of the Serbian Games Association.