FOR THE WIN! – Shift2Games track

Conference 30.05.2024.
Time 11 AM - 6.30 PM
Language Serbian / English
Location Bitef Theatar
Price Free

FOR THE WIN! – Shift2Games track

Second time on FTW! conference, we dedicate a separate program track to students, and lectures specially tailored for them, with a focus on art, soft skills, team culture, production and game design. Almost 150 students have become part of the largest Serbian professional conference dedicated to game development for the second year in a row.

For the third year in a row, Belgrade is visible on the dense spring calendar of European conferences and b2b events for video game creators. For the Win!, a versatile conference intended for all professionals from the gaming industry, but also from other creative-tech industries such as CG, VFX, animation and all types of digital design and storytelling, presents a rich program through several parallel program units and at three locations – May 29 and 30 at Bitef Theater, mts Dvorani and Karmakoma club.

For the Win! is conceived as a “new meeting point of the European gaming industry”, and year after year it expands its program. The goal is to pay attention to both mobile and PC game dev, as well as services and related sectors, as well as looking at the development of the wider ecosystem of the gaming industry. Therefore, it bears the label of b2b/stakeholder event. Domestic developers and creatives have the opportunity to listen to and meet the leaders of the global industry, to connect and make new contacts with colleagues from the region and the whole of Europe.

For the second time at the FTW! conference, we dedicate a separate program track to students, and lectures specially tailored for them, with a focus on art, soft skills, team culture, production and game design. Almost 150 students will again become a part of the largest Serbian professional conference dedicated to game development.

Lecturers come from the ranks of smaller and larger domestic companies and studios, with one foreign guest from Italy, and students apply through their faculties and professors. This part of the conference is completely free for all participants, and in this way SGA tries to provide an opportunity for all those interested to get acquainted with some of the aspects of work in the video game industry.

The speakers of this year’s Shif2Games program at the conference For the Win! are: Aleksa Janković (3D Generalist/VFX Artist, Shosha Games), Matija Ljubenović (Lead UI/UX Designer, Mad Head Games), Andrea Aleksić (Environment Artist, Ebb Software), Dragana Milošević (3D Environment Team Lead, Dreamline Entertainment), Nana Radenković (Co-Founder, Nova Iskra), Kristina Grubač & Tamara Vukov (OBRT), Relja Dereta (Co-Founder, Epic Assistants), Bojana Simić (People Operations Manager, Materriya), Ivica Milarić (Teaching Assistant, Academy of the Arts – University of Novi Sad), Simone Rebaudengo (Founder & Creative Director, studio oio.), Milan Ličina (Associate Professor/Founder, Metropolitan University/Vidra) and Vladan Điri Vasiljević (Motion Designer/Digital Compositor/Animator/3D Generalist, Crater Training Center). 

The complete schedule of this program can be viewed on the official website of the conference, where you can also find out other program details, while as part of the FAQ stranice you can find out about all other service information.

For the Win! is supported by Outfit7Epic Games and 3 LateralGoogleUnity Technologies, the Embassy of Poland, the Embassy of Belgium, Media Desk Creative Europe Serbia, and other ecosystem partners of SGA.

Andrea Aleksić,
Environment Artist, Ebb Software
About the lecturer

Andrea started working in game development after finishing studies in architecture. She co-founded indie studio Phobos where she focused on worldbuilding, overseeing the development of the game’s open world map from initial conceptualization and level design to the final realization in game. She currently works as an Environment Artist at Ebb Software.

Milan Ličina,
Professor, University Megatrend / Crater Training Center
About the lecturer

Milan Ličina is a visual artist, born in 1990 in Belgrade.

In his practice he operates across the fields of emerging technologies and experiential design, using the intersection of art, design and technology as a platform to create unique narratives, with extensive experience in new media, computer graphics, creative industries, event and exhibition design.

He is active as a lecturer at the Metropolitan University and at the Crater Training Center, and in addition collaborates with Galerija12+, the Center for the Promotion of Science and many other initiatives.

He is one of the few Unreal Engine Authorized Trainers in our country.

Kristina Grubač,
About the lecturer

Kristina Grubač is a consultant in the field of organizational and HR topics, and she deals with the development of teams and organizations in various industries. She already gained part of her professional experience in the technology and game development industry. Kristina especially enjoys the development of teams and individuals, and she conveys her passion through fun workshops, coaching and training. In his work, he strives to create a space for the open exchange of ideas, deep reflection and building a safe environment, because he believes that these are the magic ingredients that feed development and innovation.

Nana Radenković,
Co-founder, Nova Iskra
About the lecturer

Nana Radenković is one of the co-founders of Nova Iskra, the first creative hub in the Balkans, where she is focused on designing various training formats and programs for individuals, organizations and companies interested in taking active roles in transformation processes – both their own capacities and ways of doing business. and through creating new ways they could learn, live and work in the future. Through ten years of experience working within Nova Iskra, it pays great attention to partnership and network activities aimed at strengthening the innovation and creative ecosystem not only at the national but also at the regional and European level.

Relja Dereta,
Co-founder, Epic Assistants
About the lecturer

Relja Dereta has 15 years of experience in almost daily public performances, from training in various fields to dance performances. He has combined his experience as an Argentine tango instructor, activism trainer and speaker trainer into a unique, comprehensive system of developing communication and public speaking skills: guiding speakers through the entire process, from concept design, to speech structure development to public speaking. it becomes a source of pleasure and inspiration, not stress and discomfort.

Since 2010, he has worked individually with over 400 speakers to prepare their speeches. He advises world experts in formulating their ideas and has collaborated as a trainer and consultant with a number of global and regional companies and institutions (Microsoft, World Bank, Telenor, VIP mobile, Philip Morris International, Comtrade, Nordeus, Direct Media, British Council, Sberbank, Erste Bank, Societe General, Publicis – Saatchi & Saatchi, OSCE…). He is active in the startup community in Belgrade, where he cooperates with relevant institutions and helps entrepreneurs communicate their ideas.

His individual clients come from various fields, from the spheres of natural and social sciences, business, activism, art… Many of them are in the highest managerial positions, and he helps all of them in their common challenge: communicating their rich experience and complex ideas in an effective way. audiences.

Ivica Milarić,
Academy of Arts at the University of Novi Sad, teaching assistant
About the lecturer

Ivica works as a teaching assistant at the Academy of Arts at the University of Novi Sad, and he holds a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in digital media artist. In addition to his academic career, his success in the entertainment industry has also been noted, where he has participated in over 30 internationally published titles as a video game designer. He completed the Crater Training Center’s Train the Trainers course which gave him an introduction to the Unreal Engine and its academic application. He recorded and published over 90 short educational video clips for beginners within the Unreal Engine ecosystem, and he also teaches within the Epic Games Novi Sad initiative.