Presentation of the Creative Europe program that supports the development of video games

SGA General 29.11.2023.
Time 5 PM
Language Serbian
Location ImpactHUB Belgrade
Price Free

Presentation of the Creative Europe program that supports the development of video games

In cooperation with the Creative Europe Desk Serbia and the MEDIA Desk, SGA presents the current open call of the Creative Europe program to support the development of video games, which closes on January 24, 2024. On this occasion, Codemancy from Niš, whose project Endless Light was supported on the previous competition. An ideal and timely opportunity for all teams developing narrative games to prepare their application for the next competition!

The Creative Europe program is the main program of the European Union that provides financial support to institutions and organizations in the field of culture in order to preserve, develop and promote European cultural and linguistic diversity, as well as heritage, and improve the competitiveness and economic potential of cultural, and especially audiovisual, activities.

It is divided into three subprograms – Culture, which covers all areas of culture and art, with the exception of audiovisual activities which are covered by the MEDIA subprogram, and the Intersectoral strand, which enables cooperation between different creative areas covering, among other things, the area of information and media.

The goal of supporting the development of video games and immersive content is to increase the capacity of European video game producers, XR studios and audiovisual production companies to develop video games and interactive immersive experiences with the potential to reach a global audience. The support also aims to improve the competitiveness of the European video game industry and other companies producing interactive immersive content in the European and international markets by enabling the retention of intellectual property by European developers.

The competition is open to activities related to the pre-production phase of narrative video games and interactive narrative immersive experiences, regardless of platform or expected method of distribution. The current open call for supporting the development of video games is open until January 24th 2024, and on this occasion it will be presented by Una Domazetoski, in front of the MEDIA Desk.

What is specific about this presentation is that we will be joined by representatives of the company Codemancy from Niš, which successfully applied in the previous cycle of this program and secured the support of the European Union for its Endless Light project. Saša Veličković and Dragan Stoiljković will be with us, who will share their direct experience of preparing the application for this competition.

Codemancy is a full stack software development company from Niš. Founded 9 years ago, the company employs over thirty bright and curious people with different skills, interests and specializations. Over the years, we have evolved into a diverse team whose expertise lies primarily in the development and integration of enterprise platforms for e-commerce, analytics, logistics and marketing. Their first foray into commercial game development began with the release of the game Lawbringer on the Steam platform earlier this year. Their goal is to channel nearly a decade of experience in the development and organization of complex software projects into the video game market.

Endless Light is a narrative roguelike action game about a girl trying to fix a world that has survived a kind of surreal disaster. Our protagonist, a young girl called Owl, grew up in one of the isolated communities that exist on the border with Conjecture – a changing and fluid manifestation of Entropy. Her world does not follow the laws of strict, objective reality, but is shaped by ideas, ideologies and beliefs and undergoes constant transformation. The game explores themes of transformation, ideology, objective reality, and the cyclical nature of life and the universe. Although primarily a sci-fi story, Endless Light borrows many elements of the weird fiction genre, inspired by physics, philosophy, mythology and speculative fiction, as well as the history and culture of our climate.

Saša Veličković,
Codemancy, Executive Director
About the lecturer

Saša has worn many different hats throughout his decade-plus career – from UX/UI designer, through business analyst, consultant, developer and CEO. His curiosity and inability to focus on one thing led him to learn a variety of skills and tools, while the needs of a growing company pushed him out of his comfort zone and onto a leadership path.

As an incorrigible nerd, Saša was always surrounded by games. His first gamedev experience was a mod he wrote for the game Neverwinter Nights and since then there has been no turning back! His various experiments with the Unity engine, amateur projects and collaborations culminated in the release of Lawbringer and, now, active development on Endless Light.

Once away from the computer, Sasha likes to read, play the bass guitar, run multi-year D&D campaigns and make little clay men.

Una Domazetoski,
Head, Creative Europe Desk Serbia - MEDIA
About the lecturer

Una Domazetoski was born in 1977 in Belgrade, where she finished high school, after which she moved to Greece. She then graduated from The University of Patras, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences –  Theatre Studies in 2003. She enrolled post-graduate studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Art – Management of Culture and Media in Belgrade. She works as International Relations Coordinator at the Film Center Serbia since 2005.  Since January 2022, she is the Head of Creative Europe Desk Serbia – MEDIA.




Dragan Stoiljković,
Codemancy, Project Manager
About the lecturer

Dragan Stoiljković, a sociologist by primary education, currently holds the position of Project Manager at Codemancy. He has more than ten years of work experience as a project manager, as well as a fundraising and start-up consultant. He built his professional experience with EU projects and grant management based on EU funds, as well as writing grants for Horizon Europe and Erasmus. He has many years of experience in creating business plans for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Dragan is a passionate gamer of strategy and roleplaying games.