Game Production Academy

Creative Tech Serbia 28.11.2022.
Time 4 - 8 PM
Language Serbian / English
Location Marsh Open Space
Price Free

Game Production Academy

At the end of November, SGA will present a three-day Game Production Academy program, with the aim of attracting all interested producers from other industries, or those who are on the way to become one, and to bring them closer to the specifics of production work within the framework of video game production.

Production is considered the most important phase of the development of a video game, when its main elements are produced. The role of the producer is crucial, as is the case in some of the related industries, such as film production or digital product development. Of course, there are certain differences, as well as similarities with the fields of action of project managers or “product owners”.

A video game producer manages a team or parts of a team working on a game, and has an executive role during each development phase, with the goal of ensuring quality and meeting deadlines by colleagues working on the project. The producer is the one who ensures that production runs according to plan, while this role has its own specifics in relation to whether it takes place in a studio working on mobile or PC games.

As the domestic game development industry records significant growth year after year, there is a great need for new employees, and the profile of the producer is one of those that is regularly found on the job advertisements of domestic companies (which you can follow on the “SGA Jobs” page). Therefore, it is the desire of the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster, which is led by SGA and whose goal, among other things, is the cross-sectoral connection of the domestic gaming industry, to bring the specifics of this business closer to young, but also to those more experienced professionals who would like to try themselves in this domain.

The intensive three-day Game Production Academy program will be held in the period from November 28th to 30th (each day from 4 to 8 PM), and is intended for all those who are already working as producers, project managers or “product owners” in one of the fields creative industries or IT, and are interested in entering the field of video game production professionally. The program is also intended for those who already work in other positions in the gaming industry, but would like to reorient themselves in the direction of production and project management.

Participation in the academy is free, while the number of places is limited. We ask all those interested to apply via the online form no later than November 23. (IMPORTANT: All participants are obliged to attend all days and sessions of the program!).

Among the lecturers will be some of the most experienced producers from the domestic industry, and representatives of companies such as Ubisoft Belgrade, Playstudios Europe, Mad Head Games, Nordeus, TinyBuild and others.

During this academy, participants will:

  • Receive insights into the basic characteristics of the gaming industry and professional engagement in it
  • Learn about the key sectors, professions, positions and expertise used by professionals in the gaming industry
  • Get to know production “pipelines” characteristic for core/PC and mobile gaming production
  • Have the opportunity to compare production processes from other niche creative industries with those in game development
  • Meet professionals who have successfully transitioned into the gaming industry from other complementary industries
  • Have the opportunity to meet and network with industry professionals working in production and project management roles
  • Learn about services that are not part of game development, but are also key to developing successful video games

This activity is launched by the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster, with the support of USAID Serbia and ICT Hub Belgrade (through the Serbia Innovates project). You can read more about the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster here.

Milica Todorović,
Associate Producer, Ubisoft Belgrade
About the lecturer

For the last ten years, Milica has been working in the game dev industry across different genres and different roles. Starting off as a graphic designer, she worked as a UI artist, digital painter and creative director at one point. The beginning of her career was mostly focused on art, until she discovered the production and leadership aspect of the industry. She is currently working as an Associate Producer and loving every minute of it. Her fight is for diversity in the industry and creating a more welcoming environment for all, which is why she became a Women in Games ambassador.

Milica thrives on pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo while creating amazing experiences for the players. Thinking outside the box is her forte, and in her line of business comes in handy more often than not. Milica is eager to share her knowledge and extensive experience, and so she regularly takes part in SGA programs, as well as other local and global initiatives that contribute to the development of our industry. 

Dušan Žica,
Narrative Designer / Creative Director
About the lecturer

Dušan Žica is a narrative designer and transmedia narrator, dedicated to the theory, design and narration of video games, as well as table-top games and RPGs. After more than a decade spent in advertising agencies (BBDO, Ogilvy, Gray, JWT, etc.), where he worked as a multi-award winning copywriter and creative director, he continued his career as a creative strategist and later as a narrative designer / creative director in the video game industry. He has worked on multiple indie titles and collaborated with game publishers such as Outfit7 and Nutaku.

Aleksandar Tešić,
Producr, Nordeus
About the lecturer

Aleksandar Tešić works at Nordeus, and has almost 10 years of experience in video game development. He started his career as a QA engineer, and in 2021 decided to try his hand as a producer. He works on the famous title Top Eleven, and has experience in developing new mobile games in all phases – prototyping, pre-production, production and launch.

Uroš Banješević,
CCO, Mad Head Games
About the lecturer

As one of the pioneers of game development in the region and Chief Creative Officer of the Mad Head Games studio, Uroš has almost twenty years of experience in the field of 2D and 3D art, animation and game design.

In addition to being one of the founders of Mad Head Games studio and one of the pioneers of game development in Serbia, Uroš is also the winner of several world awards in the field of digital graphics. With over 30 projects he has led MHG studio teams on, he has learned a lot about failure, perseverance and success. Uroš switched his status from a young developer to an industry veteran – with a reason.

Nikola Mitić,
COFA Games / Playstudios Europe
About the lecturer

Nikola Mitić is curious and always on the lookout for new opportunities. He is staying on top of trends in game development, breaking boundaries, and challenging the status quo of existing solutions. With vast experience in several areas – including game development, business development, finances or UA – Nikola is capable of identifying, managing, and guiding innovation-striving teams to success. Nikola is the General Advisor at Playstudios Europe, and prior to that he was the CEO at COFA Games.

Jasmin Jelača,
Producer, Nordeus
About the lecturer

Jasmin Jelača is a video game producer at Nordeus, where he has been developing games for the past 10 years. He grew up and lived for 11 years in Berlin, graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and got a job at Nordeus as a Customer Support & Localization Specialist, with the aspiration of becoming a producer. He got that opportunity in 2019, and since then he has been leading the production of new and existing games. His production philosophy is based on the fact that people and team cohesion are more important than the process, and that everything starts with a high degree of trust.

Đorđe Popović,
Associate Producer, Ubisoft Belgrade
About the lecturer

Đorđe spent almost 15 years in television production before switching to gaming. He worked on TV, but also within various production companies, gaining experience through the production of various formats in the country and abroad. He returned to Serbia in 2019 and currently works at Ubisoft, as a producer. He’s been there for three years now, and he’s enjoying every moment as, according to him, he’s finally fulfilled his boyhood dream.

Marija Milivojević,
Producer, Mad Head Games
About the lecturer

Eight years ago, Marija took her first steps in gaming by landing a job at the Mad Head Games studio. She did it from the point of view of 2D art, mostly on hidden-object projects. In the meantime, her interest in game design and production has translated into her new role. She spent the next five years as a producer working on various casual titles for PC and mobile, with a mission to make life easier for herself and her team. She is currently working as an Assistant Game Director on Scars Above, and is eagerly awaiting its release.

Marko Spasojević,
Producer, Starloop Studios
About the lecturer

He started his professional journey in the video game industry as a 3D artist and CG designer 20 years ago, and not long after he had the idea of ​​starting a game development studio. The entrepreneur in him was restless, and soon enough took matters into his own hands – he founded the Media4 studio back in 2004. Since 2007, he has been producing and leading studio projects. He soon realized that he loves the job because it invokes all his passions – creativity, challenges, problem solving and project development at a whole new level.

Nowadays he seeks to use his 18+ years of experience and extensive artistic, technological and management background to develop a career in much larger companies working on large projects, and help others develop professionally by offering some of the proven key skills: business development, strategic planning, organization and commercial awareness, agile project/product management, analytics, leadership, teamwork and interpersonal skills, crisis management, critical thinking and negotiation.

Aleksandar Ćuk,
Producer, Ubisoft Belgrade
About the lecturer

Most of Alexander’s career can be summarized in two chapters, the first of which constitutes a short but effective career in the field of political science. Immediately after graduating from George Washington University, he started working in several non-governmental organizations and consulting firms in the field of comparative politics. During this period, he was tasked with leading small teams of both field and office workers, during which they collected survey data, proposed and wrote potential dispute resolutions, and were generally responsible for crisis management.

The second part, which began sometime around 2015, was a seemingly sudden transition into the creative waters. Although it came out of nowhere, this move was a return to his original love. Aleks studied directing and writing in Los Angeles. This kind of work, directing, collaborating with people on projects bigger than ourselves, was the core of the experience. It turned out that creativity eventually won!