Game Design at Playrix

SGA General 05.11.2020.
Time 17:00
Language English
Location Zoom
Price Free

Game Design at Playrix

Welcome to another FREE online lecture with Dmitriy Molchanov, Lead Game Designer from Playrix, organized by SGA & Playrix RS

We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome one of the key people who worked on Gardenscapes – a game that is consistently at the top of all relevant charts, whether based on revenue, number of downloads or, most importantly – player feedback!

Playrix is famous for their tight-knit community of avid players, and it only goes to show how great design decisions, coupled with nuanced balancing, can make one match-3 game a daily digital habit for more than 300 million people who downloaded this game worldwide. The lecture will break down some of the main decisions and pipeline processes that unfold behind the game dev curtain.

About you: If you are a game designer, a team lead working on a mobile game, or a CEO of a gaming startup – don’t miss a chance to attend this lecture and join the live discussion with Dmitriy.

Dmitriy Molchanov,
Lead Game Designer, Playrix
About the lecturer

It’s been ten years since Dmitriy started working at Playrix. Over the course of a decade, he worked in many different roles – narrative designer, balance designer, team lead… And all that accumulated experience culminated in the role of the Lead Game Designer on one of the most successful mobile games of all time – Gardenscapes. Not bad for a former lawyer who, in his own words, “did game design for real-world quests”.