You can represent Serbia at the world esports championship

If you are a successful player of video games with a competitive spirit, qualifiers for CS: GO, PES, Tekken 7 and DOTA 2 titles are a great opportunity to qualify for the grand final of the IESF World Championship.

For many years, through the Serbian Sports Association, our players have been going to the finals of the world esports championships – to South Korea, Taiwan, Israel and many other countries. The grand finale is moving to Bali this year, while the prize fund of the IESF World Sports Championship is $500,000.

SESE, the only official Serbian sports association that organizes national qualifications for games in all categories for Serbia, is in charge of all IESF qualifications of domestic players. Teams in Serbia will compete in CS: GO, Dota 2, Tekken 7 and PES. Entries as well as the competitions themselves are completely free, so we hereby invite gamers across Serbia to apply and show their skills. In addition to qualifying for the IESF, SESE provides domestic competitors with the opportunity to qualify for other esports competitions: GEF in Istanbul and WSL in Korea.

The first tournament of national qualifications will be held on April 16 for Tekken 7, live in the premises of the Serbian Esports Federation. The live broadcast of the tournament will be available on the official Klan RUR YouTube channel. Entries are free via the online form and will be open to all players until April 14. The best player from the national Tekken 7 qualifiers will get the opportunity to represent Serbia at the regional tournament in Baku, Azerbaijan. This is followed by qualifications for CS: GO, and then for PES and Dota 2.

Applications for other qualifiers will be published during the first half of April.