Visual effects, animation and game art – a new program of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts

Visual effects, animation and game art is a new program of academic studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, upon completion of which students acquire the title - graduate drama and audiovisual artist (in the field of animation; visual effects or game art).

The Faculty of Dramatic Arts enrolls up to 20 students in the first year of basic academic studies in the study program Visual Effects, Animation and Game Art for the school year 2022/2023. year: up to 6 students who are financed from the budget, up to 10 students who are self-financed and up to 4 students with work.

All the necessary information about the entrance exam can be found here. In short, candidates are expected to prepare the following mandatory works in addition to applying to the call:

  • Photomontage in Photoshop. The paper should be submitted in PSD format with at least five image layers and the final result in JPG format. The theme is optional and not crucial, but the composition should represent a coherent realistic visual whole.
  • Storyboard in 12 pictures on a topic of your choice. The paper should have a coherent and rounded story presented in the form of drawings through 12 frames and lectures in digital JPG format. The quality of the drawings is not crucial.
  • A short description of the idea for a video game no longer than two A4 pages. It is possible to attach visual material (up to three JPG images) that evoke the idea of ​​the game. The quality of the attached visual material is not crucial.

During their education, students will get acquainted with all segments of video game creation, master the entire process, and will have the opportunity to narrowly specialize in the field they are interested in with the help of professors and business experts. They will work on the most modern workstations with RTX graphics cards. There will also be a mandatory internship in the most eminent studios in the gaming industry“, adds associate professor, Mina Cvetinović Pavkov.

Consultations for all interested candidates will be held – on June 10 at 5 pm, in classroom no. 2.

More information about the program itself is available at the link.