Three Serbian teams in the European Video Game Accelerator program

The European Video Game Accelerator, a program for accelerated video game development, supports studios towards ambitious growth while preserving cultural value.

This year’s pan-European program, co-organized by Spielfabrique, Arctic Game, and Polo de Contenidos Digitales, and co-financed by the European Union’s Creative Europe Media program, consists of 6 intensive months of workshops, networking, and mentorship from March to August.

Since 2016, this program has connected young studios with high-caliber experts, mentors, publishers, and investors, enabling indie studios to achieve financial independence, control over their intellectual property, and support from across Europe and beyond.

This year, a total of 182 applications were received, of which 111 met the competition criteria, originating from 27 different countries. Following careful selection, 24 studios from 14 countries were included in this year’s cycle. These studios will be connected with 12 mentors from various parts of Europe and will go through over 70 hours of workshops, mentoring sessions, and events, providing them with the opportunity to meet numerous relevant industry experts.

This year, we are particularly proud of the domestic indie teams that applied for the program – Bohemian Pulp, Capsule Game Studio, Infinity Games, Demagog Studio, Shosha Games, and Alkonost Team. Three Serbian studios have successfully secured participation in the program! Congratulations to Shosha Games, Demagog Studio, and Bohemian Pulp!

Founded in 2016, the German-French accelerator SpielFabrique has developed international expertise in the video game industry. From mentoring independent game studios looking to launch their first game to established independent studios aiming to expand their business, to consultancy work and advocacy activities, SpielFabrique has built a comprehensive understanding of the video game ecosystem.