Strategic partnership between Data Science Conference and SGA announced

One of the world's most relevant conference franchises dedicated to the fields of data science and AI, which was founded in Belgrade and is now realizing notable and successful conferences around the planet, is starting a strategic partnership with SGA!

Data Science Conference (DSC) is one of the leading franchises for data and AI worldwide, organized by the Belgrade company Data Universe. It is a multidisciplinary conference operation with an abundance of keynote presentations by internationally recognized experts, presentations, discussions, workshops and practical tutorials.

The goals of the conference are, above all, to promote and popularize AI and data science, open opportunities for cooperation between different actors, strengthen gender equality in the data industry and encourage the internationalization of the global ecosystem in the domains of data science and artificial intelligence.

DSC has been organizing events since 2015, and has reached over 30,000 visitors from more than 130 countries. DSC has partnerships with more than 150 companies, 70 professional communities and 50 academic institutions, reaching more than 5,000,000 data enthusiasts worldwide.

As data analysis and artificial intelligence play an increasing role in many modern technology industries, especially in the field of video game development, the strategic partnership between SGA and DSC is a logical step to bring these two communities closer together and stimulate deeper cooperation and knowledge sharing. areas.

In addition to the joint organization of individual programs and projects, and participation in development “ecosystem” projects, DSC and SGA will this year cooperate in the development of a special program within this year’s Belgrade edition of the conference, scheduled for November 15-18, under slogan Europe’s leading AI & Data Conference.

In addition to this event, DSC will be present in 2022 in other cities on several continents: Zagreb (May 9-12), Miami (June 22-24), Vienna (September 27-30), as well as in Australia.


Congratulations to the DSC team on the results so far – we are looking forward to many future collaborations that will be carried out within this strategic partnership!