Sperasoft Gamedev Summit in Belgrade

Sperasoft Belgrade, a AAA game development company in the Balkans, will be holding the event on November, 26.

Over 5 hours of game development insights, 5 veterans (a contributors to such franchises as Halo, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow 6) speeches in creative, design and development! We’ve got it all under one roof at Sperasoft Gamedev Summit November, 26 at Ruzveltova, 35, Hotel Golden Tulip Zira Beograd.

Registration is required to participate.

Please, find the workshops description below:

– ‘3 Engineering Solutions in Mortal Kombat Mobile’ by Juan Gomez, Associate Technical Director.

The speech will include a step-by-step description of some particularly difficult-to-solve AAA mobile development issues and different types of optimizations that were performed.

– ‘Realtime Cinematics in Games’ by Andrew Evdokimov, Animation Director.

This masterclass will demonstrate to participants the workflow of creating cinematic content for games.

– ‘Developing new game mechanics’ by Anton Krukovich, Game Producer.

We’ll talk about the varieties of game design practices and how they help to identify enjoyable game mechanics before prototyping and testing them in the game.

– ‘Hard Surface modeling technics’ by Yuriy Shemaev, Lead 3D Artist.

At the masterclass Yuriy will speak on Hard Surface specificity and its difference from organic modelling. The participant will learn about the skills useful for a 3D artist and important things needed for hard-surface production.