SGA Mentorship Program – Connecting Seniors from Serbia with Experts from the European Gaming Industry!

For the fourth consecutive year, in collaboration with Creative Mentorship, we are organizing a mentorship program for our members, but this time for industry seniors who will have the opportunity to work with mentors from all over Europe!

A large number of SGA members have stated that their goal for 2024 is to nurture senior talent in their companies. We heard you!

Therefore, the 4th cycle of the mentorship program is specially designed to meet the needs of the Serbian video game industry for the development of highly skilled talents. Depending on the needs of the mentees, the SGA team will find the ideal mentor from Europe.

According to the SGA annual report, there are currently over 2,500 professionals working in various positions in the video game industry in Serbia. However, the business environment is still not keeping up with the rapid development of the industry, resulting in the need for as many as 300 new talents during 2023.

The SGA mentorship program aims to connect senior professionals from various fields – art, development, and business – to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and experience. This initiative, which includes up to 20 pairs of mentors and mentees, has proven to be extremely valuable for both participants and the teams and companies they work for.

All parts of the program will be conducted online, including 8 individual meetings and 3 workshops, allowing for the participation of mentors from all over Europe. The program is supported by the Creative Mentorship team, an initiative with almost ten years of experience in leading their own and other mentorship programs.

The application deadline for the program is February 25th, and the selection process will be led by the SGA team, who will choose mentees based on their field of expertise, motivation, and short-term and long-term goals.

How to apply – all employees of member companies can contact the person in the team responsible for communication with the SGA and request an application form. Also, you can always write directly to us at kristinajankovic@sga.rs.