Game Funding Bootcamp – the first comprehensive program dedicated to financing gaming projects

In order to support teams and companies to secure funding for their gaming projects, SGA is organizing a new program series that will present different ways of how to access finance, connect teams with relevant experts and give them the opportunity to gain valuable insights and develop necessary practical skills.

One of the biggest challenges facing game dev teams at the very beginning of their project, or at a time when the game/team is ready for scaling, is the lack of finances. On the other hand, there are many different models and possibilities of financing gaming projects. However, gaming teams that are at the very beginning, or even those with a little more experience, face a number of challenges in this process. First of all, they rely on their creative qualities and often do not have adequate team members or the necessary biz dev skills, insights into various business models or negotiating and pitching skills. 

Game Funding Bootcamp is a new initiative of the SGA that aims to address these challenges, and through a series of lectures and workshops that will be realized in the period between January and April 2022, present various potential sources of funding to teams and companies from Serbia and the region, with the participation of domestic and international experts and a number of partner organizations.

The program will be implemented through several hybrid sessions (live and online) that will be organized every two weeks from February 1, 2022. Each of them will be dedicated to one of the mentioned funding models. The specificity of the program is the participation of representatives of SGA members, actors of the domestic gaming industry who have already had direct experience with certain models of financing, and the challenges they bring. And they will selflessly share those experiences with the Serbian, but also the game dev community from the region.

Interested participants (company representatives, interested individuals and professionals) will be able to apply for individual thematic modules, or to follow the program as a whole. The program is free for full SGA members. The Reconomy project provides scholarships to a number of teams from the Western Balkans for free participation. The regular price per module is 50 euros.


We invite you to apply and tell us which of the modules are the most relevant to you, while in mid-January you can expect more details about specific dates/topics. 


The program will cover:

  • local public funds, through specific support instruments implemented by the European Union through its programs such as Creative Europe or Horizon Europe
  • crowdfunding platforms or special opportunities specific to the gaming industry (cooperation with publishers or, for example, participation in EPIC MegaGrants program)
  • cooperation with business angels or VC funds, or possible acquisitions, and we will talk about how to best prepare for them


Game Funding Bootcamp program is implemented in cooperation with a number of SGA partners, including Help Serbia (within the RECONOMY project), Swiss Entrepreneurship Program, Deloitte Serbia, Karanović & Partners and others, as well as numerous SGA members who will share their experiences with interested game creators from across the region.