SGA Assemble: seasonal gathering of our members, partners and friends

On Wednesday, September 29, the first SGA community event was held after almost two years of focusing exclusively on online events. The gathering was hosted by Playstudios Europe, which joined the SGA just this year.

From the very beginning of the Serbian Games Association (SGA), meetups and game jams have been the dominant programs promoted by our organization and gathered a wide community of game developers in Serbia in various ways, as well as its members and representatives of companies that actively participate in the work of the SGA.

SGA Assemble, which was first broadcasted from Fortuna Esports studios in the form of a special show “A Year in Serian Games” in April this year, was finally organized in its physical form: as an informal meeting of SGA members, partners and friends, during which they had an opportunity to exchange news, news and projects they are working on, or to simply connect with colleagues. Many members even came from Niš, Novi Sad and other cities, which speaks volumes about the need for the game dev community to see each other regularly at similar events and to connect directly.

On Wednesday, September 29, at Playstudios Europe, our guests had the opportunity to hear Nikola Mitić in front of the host company, as well as Marija Ilic, President of the SGA Board, who greeted everyone. Relja Bobić, Program Director of the SGA, briefly shared some of the most important news and announced the programs that are in preparation, but also the news that SGA has reached an impressive number of as many as 100 members, companies and teams working on games in Serbia! In addition to their representatives, SGA Assemble gathered SGA partners, including Centili, Deloitte and Karanović&Partners, as well as representatives of Creative Mentoring, the French Institute, AFA, Nova Iskra and other organizations.

SGA Assemble is definitely becoming a regular gathering of the Serbian gaming community, which will be held twice a year. Every September, in order to jointly mark the beginning of the program season and see what activities are ahead of us, as well as in early April when the regular SGA Annual Assembly is held every year and presents a report on the Serbian gaming industry for the previous year. In April 2022, SGA plans to hold an accompanying, international b2b conference.

We thank Playstudios Europe who was a phenomenal host of the event, as well as all members and guests!

Photo: Bojan Dzodan