SGA, 3Lateral and Epic Games announce UNREAL DAY 2023 in Belgrade

In October 2022, over 500 visitors attended numerous lectures and workshops within the premiere UNREAL DAY program. The new meeting point for all UE practitioners and professionals returns this year in an expanded edition, and on the same date - mark October 26th 2023!

UNREAL DAY was a full-day program that brought together current and future Unreal Engine professionals from Serbia, Canada, Taiwan, Poland and the wider region. After the huge success of the premiere edition, during which there were not enough seats at the workshops, and Dorćol Platz was too small to accommodate all those interested who, for hours, followed lectures in the fields of architecture, gaming, robotics, mocap solutions and animation.

In addition to the masterclasses, workshops, keynote and showcase lectures, this year’s program, which is announced for October 26th 2023, has the ambition to attract participants from the entire region, and to become a new meeting point for the UE community not only at the level of Serbia, but also much wider.

In order to gather the community from the surrounding countries, the organizers are announcing a regional Unreal Engine Game Jam, the details of which will be announced in early September. The finalists will have the opportunity to visit Belgrade and present their final projects live in front of an international jury, and compete with the best teams from the wider region (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary…).

The initiator of this new annual event is SGA, with the support of the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster and in cooperation with the company 3 Lateral from Novi Sad. 3L is part of Epic Games and, among other things, one of the R&D centers for the development of new applications and functionalities for the Unreal Engine and related tools, such as the now famous Metahuman Creator and Metahuman Animator. The goal is that the Unreal Day in Belgrade will become a hub and meeting point for the entire European UE community – the meeting place for experienced UE creators and the local community, as well as a place to present the uses and applications of UE as a tool in the most diverse creative and industrial niches.

On the occasion of the announcement of the new edition of UNREAL DAY, SGA is releasing a complete playlist of lectures from last year on its YouTube channel. SHave a look at what Shapeshifters Studio from Canada shared with us, as well as the local leaders of UE creations: Sava Živković, Mad Head Games, Ebb Software, Digital Arrow, Phobos, Take One, Euclidean Studios and others. There is also a recording of the panel on education in which representatives of numerous local faculties participated. All recordings are either in English or subtitled, so they are available to the global UE community.

If you are working on projects that you consider worth sharing with the UE community, within the framework of gamedev or completely outside of it, contact us at sga@sga.rs! Stay tuned to the SGA and 3Lateral channels at the end of the summer for updates on the program and the announcement of the regional game jam!