Serbian Games Association announces its official partnership with Voodoo, one of the leading global mobile gaming publishers

SGA and Voodoo are entering an official annual partnership in 2022, bringing the most advanced hyper-casual experiences to the Serbian game dev community, across many joint activities, events and co-presentations

Voodoo is a French mobile game developer and publisher based in Paris. The company was founded in 2013 by Alexandre Yazdi and Laurent Ritter. Voodoo’s games have been collectively downloaded 6 billion times as of 2022, with 300 million monthly active users. In 2019, Voodoo was voted “best publisher” at Mobile Games Awards. 

Games released by the company include Helix Jump, Baseball Boy, Snake vs Block, Hole.io, Aquapark.io, Purple Diver, Crowd City, and Paper.io. Helix Jump, developed by H8games, is Voodoo’s most successful game with more than 800 million downloads.  In August 2017, Voodoo became the ninth Unicorn in French tech. 

SGA is very proud to team up with one of the best and most innovative global players from the game development and publishing world (to that end, watch this space for some more partnership announcements very soon!). Voodoo coaches developers and studios of all sizes on finding ideas and developing hit games. They also take care of marketing and help studios out with live ops to bring their games to millions of players around the world. 

Studios can submit games through an online publishing platform to test and partner with Voodoo.  The affiliation with Voodoo will definitely bring many opportunities for local and regional hyper-casual game developers, who might follow in the footsteps of SGA members Tummy Games, who have developed a long-lasting and fruitful affiliation with Voodoo. The company is also present in countries such as Turkey, Canada, Singapore and Japan. Alexander Shea, Head of Publishing at Voodoo, said:

“We’re really excited to be teaming up with SGA to boost support for mobile game studios in Serbia. Knowledge sharing within the industry is key for us here at Voodoo, and this partnership will open up a lot of opportunities for studios to get involved in the hyper-casual space and make the next hit mobile games”.  

One of the first co-presentation between Voodoo and SGA will take place within SGA’s forthcoming Game Funding Bootcamp on February 8th, as part of the module dedicated to developer/publisher relations and business models. Further joint activities will include on-site lectures and workshops dedicated to the world of hyper-casual games featuring Voodoo’s key experts, their visits to SGA events in Serbia, as well as an organized study trip to Voodoo’s headquarters in Paris for Serbian developers later in the year.