PLAY.DOCS Showcase – exhibit your game!

Serious and not-so-serious games from across Europe in Belgrade!

The renowned Serbian documentary film festival BELDOCS alongside the Serbian Games Association, launched an open call for the premiere edition of Play.Docs Showcase, to be presented as part of this year’s Beldocs Festival in Belgrade. The call for entries is now open! Show us your new serious and not-so-serious video games!

Welcome to the Play.Docs Showcase, a captivating journey through the immersive realm where storytelling meets interactivity. As part of the program at the Beldocs International Documentary Film Festival, together with our co-organiser the Serbian Gaming Association (SGA), we invite you to show profound narratives, thought-provoking themes and innovative gameplay experiences that define the landscape of the so-called serious video games.

In recent years, video games have transcended their traditional role as mere entertainment, evolving into a powerful medium for exploring complex issues, fostering empathy, and sparking meaningful conversations. Through meticulously crafted gameplay mechanics and compelling narratives, serious video games offer players a unique opportunity to engage with topics ranging from social justice and mental health, all the way to environmental conservation and historical events.

As part of the official program of the 17th edition Beldocs in Belgrade, Serbia, we will showcase interesting and boundary-pushing games that draw our attention to some of the key social challenges of today through the domain of games. By all means, a very non-serious and fun approach to serious games is actually what we are looking for!

Alongside the showcase which will hopefully feature games coming from across the European continent, Beldocs and the SGA will also present a half-day conference program aimed at indie and young creators interested in creative and social aspects of contemporary game narratives, featuring local and international case studies, lecturers and intersections with SGA’s Playing Narratives program. The absolute highlight of the program will be the guest appearance of the Vienna-based Total Refusal collective, focused on the artistic intervention and appropriation of mainstream video games. In their practice, they upcycle video games in order to reveal the political apparatus beyond the glossy and hyperreal textures of this media.

Throughout the premiere Play.Docs showcase, we would like to exhibit a diverse selection of serious video games that push the boundaries of storytelling and challenge conventional perspectives. From emotionally charged narratives that tackle the human condition, to interactive experiences that shed light on pressing global issues – each game invites you to become an active participant in the exploration of important social themes and ideas.

The call for entries is now open for all studios and authors from across Europe!
Show us your new serious and not-so-serious video games!
Submit until April 25th via the SUBMISSION FORM

What are we looking for?

Independent serious video games in production stage, ideally with an available playable demo, or a live game that can be played on any of the known platforms. Custom setups, controllers or physical games are also very much welcome, as long as they do not require complex transport arrangements and additional costs.

When submitting your application, you need to be the owner of the IP, or in case that you have a publisher, co-developer or co-owner of the IP, you need to have permission to officially approve your submission, and/or featuring of the game in the first Play.Docs exhibit.

Got any questions before you apply? Feel free to get in touch via email play.docs@beldocs.rs!

Join us as we celebrate the power of video games as a medium for social change, cultural exploration, and personal reflection! Through the lens of interactive storytelling, we hope to inspire, educate, and spark meaningful dialogue that extends far beyond the confines of the screen.

Again, we invite you to submit your games until April 25th via the SUBMISSION FORM !