PEGI ratings now available to game devs in Serbia

In direct cooperation between PEGI and SGA, game developers from Serbia now have a localized version of the site available for all information on assigning age restrictions - all for the purpose of safer gaming.

Like movies and TV series, games should clearly point out the age limit, so that parents can easily make an informed decision about whether the content of the game is currently appropriate for their child. Although most games are suitable for players of all ages, it is important to know the details of the content of each game.

That is why PEGI (Pan European Game Information) ratings have been established, which are used and recognized throughout Europe, used in 38 countries and have the enthusiastic support of the European Commission. They are considered a model of European harmonization in the field of child protection.

In addition to supporting member companies and the wider game dev community, SGA (Serbian Games Association) strives to participate in all relevant initiatives related to the relationship between the gaming industry and wider social processes, as well as public policies, both local and European. That is why SGA, in direct cooperation with the PEGI team, worked on the localization of their official website, which is the main reference point for all video game producers who want to give their game an appropriate rating, but also for parents who want to be informed.

Earlier this year, in cooperation with UNICEF, SGA organized a conference on the impact of the gaming industry on young people, where, among others, Dirk Bosmans, Director of Operations at PEGI, emphasized the importance of the industry being transparent about these topics.

If you want to assign a PEGI label to your game, find more info here.