Pandora Conference: Where Data Meets Games – Back in Belgrade!

Pandora Conference is pushing the boundaries of understanding the relationship between two growing innovative domains for the second year in a row: game development and artificial intelligence. This time, the conference is expanding and will last for two full days from November 22nd to 23rd at Sava Center in Belgrade. The event will bring together experts and leaders in the field of artificial intelligence application in all aspects of game development.

Pandora is the result of the joint efforts of the Serbian Games Association (SGA) and Data Universe, which is part of the largest event dedicated to the impact of artificial intelligence on data-driven society, the Data Science Conference Europe. This conference is a highly anticipated event for anyone interested in game development in the business world, with the main theme “Where Data Meets Games.” Over the course of two exciting days, participants will have the opportunity to listen to more than 20 leading experts on the impact of AI and data on the game development industry.

Some of the topics we will cover include Data Analytics in Gaming, Dynamic Universe Creation, Computational & Generative Art, AI Intellectual Property, Realistic Interaction & AI-powered NPCs, Augmented Reality, Data Visualization in eSports, Digital Identity in Gaming, AI for fashion, Multimodal AI, and Protecting Virtual Worlds.

Follow the official conference website for the latest information, and you can already get your tickets there!