PANDORA conference lecturers announced

DSC Conference in cooperation with SGA organizes an exclusive conference dedicated to the intersection of games, data, AI and computer art. The event will be held at the "Crowne Plaza" hotel in Belgrade on November 17, 2022. A discount on tickets is provided for SGA members.

The lectures are intended for professionals from the gaming industry, but all those who work in creative industries, whose daily life is made easier by data or systems based on AI technologies.

For now, these prominent local and international lecturers have been announced:

  • Apolinario Passos – AI srtist, ML art engineer (Hugging Face)
  • Igor Simić – CEO, creative director (Demagog Studio)
  • Marko Jevremović – Lead data scientist (Two Desperados)
  • Michal Warchalski – Data scientist (Nordeus)
  • Michael Alapic – Data scientist (Nanobit)
  • Milan Ličina – artist, professor (Metropoliten, Crater Trainening Center, Galerija 12)
  • Nikola Vasiljević – Head of insights and analytics (Mad Head Games)
  • Thorsten Weidemann – Founder (A.Maze)


Four tracks await you on Pandora:

  • Game Analytics, with a focus on tools, reports with visualization, and the analytical role in decision-making related to finance, marketing, and game development;
  • Realistic interaction, powered by natural language processing, text analytics and chat technology, with the goal of creating an environment where players can interact with other characters in a more realistic way.
  • NPCs created through artificial intelligence, with a focus on the latest AI technology and use cases used to create a more immersive and realistic gaming experience for players;
  • Creating dynamic universes, with a focus on the role of machine learning in accelerating the process of creating “open worlds” in games that allow the player to interact with the environment.

And most importantly – a discount of  25% is provided for all SGA members. If you haven’t grabbed your ticket yet, write to us at sga@sga.rs and we’ll send you a discount pass.