New subjects in the field of video game design are introduced in the FMK master’s program

Within the master's program in Digital Arts at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade, a range of subjects and activities related to the field of video game design have been introduced. This presents a new opportunity for all those who wish to specialize in this area within an interdisciplinary designed program.

FMK proudly announces new subjects in the master’s program that will open doors for students to the exciting world of video games and digital art. The interdisciplinary artistic master’s program at the Department of Digital Arts is designed to encourage students to expand their professional potential in the realms of artistic and humanistic practices, enhance their knowledge of digital technologies, and shape the future in the field of visual communication, film, photography, sound, and new media.

The program, which will be available starting this year, introduces a new aspect in the form of subjects related to game design. Students will have the opportunity to combine traditional techniques with digital media and delve deeper into the world of gaming and video games. Furthermore, acquiring knowledge and skills through this program will enable them to apply their competencies in various fields, both in individual projects and collaborative works.


The master’s program in Digital Arts provides opportunities for students to express themselves in various domains of digital art, including artistic exhibition work, game design, graphic and web design, film, photography, sound design, 3D animation, artistic installations, interactive design, online and traditional publishing.

This program is open to all those who are passionate about art, technology, and video games, regardless of their previous experience.

For more information about the program and how to apply, please visit this website.