New SGA strategic partnerships with the education sector

During this year, SGA intensified cooperation with the education sector in Serbia. In addition to establishing official collaborations with the largest number of faculties so far, at the end of the year, within the framework of the video game study scientific conference, we gathered most of the educational institutions that in any way deal with gaming in Serbia.

The organization of informal educational programs and support to the education sector are one of the key missions of an association such as SGA. During 2022, this type of cooperation was additionally intensified through the signing of official protocols with a larger number of higher education institutions in Serbia, as well as support organizations, each of which in its own way has points of contact with the development of teaching programs that are relevant to the field of video development. games.

SGA currently has official cooperation with more than 10 higher education institutions, including the following:

  • Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade
  • University of Arts in Belgrade
  • Academy of Arts in Novi Sad
  • Metropolitan University
  • Computer Faculty in Belgrade
  • Faculty of Contemporary Arts, Belgrade
  • Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade
  • Faculty of Media and Communications
  • Belgrade Polytechnic
  • Academy of Technical and Artistic Vocational Studies, Belgrade

In addition to these partnerships, we continuously collaborate with the SAE Institute, Crater Training Center, the College of Applied and Fine Arts of Vocational Studies in Belgrade, and the Faculty of Electronics in Niš. There are also organizations that do not hold classes but actively participate in educational processes related to innovation, art, or creative industries, such as the Center for the Promotion of Science, the Petlja Foundation, the Nordeus Foundation, the Digital Serbia Initiative and science and technology parks in Nis, Čačak and Novi Sad.

The focus on supporting higher education will be one of the priorities of the SGA in 2023, and the first step was already taken at the very end of the current year, when a round table Perspectives and challenges of education in Novi Sad was held as part of the international video game study conference on December 9 the field of gaming in Serbia. It gathered representatives of as many as 18 organizations and faculties, which was actually the first time that many of them met, got to know, and shared with their colleagues their current activities, challenges they face, and future plans.

The plan includes mapping the resources, interests and needs of faculties and higher education institutions in Serbia when it comes to education about video game development, as well as regular meetings twice a year, and active linking of companies with educational organizations.