New SGA report on the gaming industry of Serbia – a year of growth

As every year, SGA (Serbian Games Association) publishes an annual report on the situation in the domestic gaming industry for the previous year.

The latest research brings detailed insight and information about the domestic gaming industry and monitors the growth and development of this ecosystem from 2017 onwards. Stable growth has continued in almost all areas, and here are some of the data we highlight:

  • our games have been purchased / downloaded 370 million times in 2021 globally
  • 450 positions have been opened this year alone
  • 30% of employees are women
  • 60% developed the original IP
  • 130 companies, studios and teams
  • total revenues of 125 million euros

The report provides more accurate data on revenue, companies, employees, games and the ecosystem. The vast majority of companies and studios earn the most through direct sales, which means that the games are successful enough to ensure the independence of the studios, expanding the team and working on new projects.

Read the full report here

The main development centers are Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis. As many as 30% of women still work in the industry, which positions us far ahead of the global average of 18%. The most sought after positions are producers, game designers and monetization experts.

The average game created in Serbia in 2021 is an F2P mobile title with ad monetization, created in about a year, on which a team of 10 people worked.

As many as 45% of respondents will actively seek investment during this year, and the rounds that are raised are usually 500 thousand euros. More teams are preparing applications for local and European funds than before. The majority of respondents again this year cite the lack of funding opportunities, high taxes, and complex bureaucratic procedures as the biggest obstacles in doing business.

Presentation of the report from the annual SGA conference FTW! you can watch here, along with three more keynote guest lectures from Google, Outfit 7 and Epic Games.

Read the full report here

In addition to the data, the report also includes guest articles by experts from domestic and global industry, focused on business topics and ecosystem development. We also share news about developments in education and networking and funding opportunities.