New accredited programs at Crater Training Center – modeling and tech art

As of this year, Crater Training Center, a school of computer graphics, is offering two new programs accredited by the Qualifications Agency at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

Technologies for the development of video games are changing rapidly, so constant education and skill upgrades are necessary to keep up with the industry. There is a growing range of tools for which new positions are opened every day.

As of this year, Crater Training Center offers two programs created with the aim of following the current trends in the creative industries globally – but also in Serbia, since in recent years local studios and gaming companies are working on increasingly complex and interesting projects.

The first is 3D Character and Organic Modeling, a program of courses that teach the design of three-dimensional characters and other living beings that we come across, among other things, in science fiction movies, animated films and video games. Thanks to this program, participants will learn the secrets of this highly regarded digital craft.

In addition, there is the Technical Art in Unreal Engine program, which trains students to work in one of the most attractive software for creating interactive content in which globally popular games such as Fortnite, Hellblade: Senua’s Saga, and recently a free demo of The Matrix Awakens have been created.

“Accreditation by the national body is very important for us, because it is about recognizing the quality of training that prepares students to work in the currently sought-after positions in the creative industries. For those undecided and beginners who are just embarking on an adventure called career development, over the years we have designed modular education programs that help students start from scratch with a clear goal and improve in the field that suits them best. We are planning accreditation of other educational programs”, points out Miljana Jovović, director of the Crater Training Center.

Details of these programs can be found on the studio’s official website.