Mentoring and financial support for your game – open applications for the new Raising Starts

Startups in Serbia can apply for a new round of support through the Raising Starts pre-seed accelerator, which brings them the necessary direction in the development of innovative products and services, work with international mentors with global experience and up to 20,000 CHF gratuitously, without taking ownership.

A new, fourth call for this accelerator program has been opened, which brings professional support in validating a business idea through training, mentoring and up to 20,000 CHF (no equity) for accelerated development of innovative products and services. This is an opportunity for startup founders to learn from great mentors who have gone through the global startup journey, gain valuable business experience and make meaningful business connections. Applications until October 11.

The program is implemented by Science and Technology Park Belgrade in partnership with Science and Technology Park Niš and Science and Technology Park Čačak. Applications and more information on their website.

Raising Starts is the first pre-seed accelerator in Serbia, which simultaneously provides professional and financial support to startups when they need it most – in the earliest stages of development. Through intensive lectures and trainings, startups receive the necessary direction in development to confirm their idea and approach the market, examine target groups and overcome obstacles on the way from an innovative idea to readiness for further investments and global growth. In accordance with their specific needs, each of the startups gets their own business and technology mentor (local and international experts, startups and investors) with whom they work through 1-1 mentoring sessions.

In addition to professional training, startups receive special support in the area of intellectual property rights protection, and they will be given access to modern innovation laboratories, mentors, investors and other startup founders in the network of science and technology parks.

Bohemian Pulp, members of SGA, went through this program and here is what Đorđe Marković has to say about their experience:

– “Through this program, we gained knowledge about the establishment, development and management of a company. In a short period of time, the number of our employees increased to five, which we were ready for, and we were also able to invest in the necessary equipment. In addition, we received significant support in the field of intellectual property protection, both in terms of the necessary documentation and financial support for the global protection of our work. Although the “Raising Starts” program is not specifically aimed at the video game industry, its principles have been perfectly applied to define our game more precisely and optimize work process. Thanks to this support, we expect our game to be finished early next year. A big recommendation for all teams who don’t have business experience, because it’s still a huge thing in game production.”