Legends of Libra – new game by Sozap

The game Legends of Libra was made by a new, young team of our member Sozap. It has been available on the App Store and Google Play since last week!

The goal of this game, as they say in Sozap, was to be “like Lego bricks” – to be played by a 3-year-old child, but also everybody else seeking good fun. This multiplayer RPG fantasy game, can be played solo, and is available for free on two platforms: App Store and Google Play.

We asked the team to tell us a little about the process of working on the game!

Marko Dimitrijević (CMO Sozap): The game has been in development for a long time and during that period a lot has changed, but the concept of the game has remained the same – to make a game that everyone could enjoy. The course of development itself went without serious obstacles and hurdles, and our team of young but extremely talented artists, dedicated programmers and innovative designers is responsible for that.

SGA: What is special about other games in this genre?

Marko: We tried to refresh the action adventure shoot ’em up with handmade levels – from urban jungles to real jungles full of unique villains that will not leave players indifferent. The game is full of gauntlets / challenges inspired by old Indiana Jones and Tomb Rider movies – “grab the hidden treasure and survive”! Also, Tower Defense mode that requires players to have good coordination and careful tactics through the waves of the enemy where they are gradually becoming more numerous and stronger.

SGA: And how did the younger members of the team cope with that?

Branislav Bošković (Product owner): The development path of the game was a big challenge for the whole team, the developers who worked on Libra did not have a single project behind them. Everything they did was new to them, and that made the whole process interesting from start to finish.

SGA: You say you wanted to make a game for the youngest and the oldest – and the game carries the PEGI 3 label (for all ages)?

Marko: We wanted to make a game that would look like Lego bricks, so that a 3-year-old child could play it like my grandmother, who is in her eighties. But to also provide a challenge to more experienced players, and honestly – I think we succeeded.