Join this year’s Global Game Jam!

Global Game Jam is a multi-day event (from January 22 to 28) that brings together tens of thousands of people in over 100 countries around the world, who learn, collaborate, and connect through their love of game development.

Last year, over 40,000 people participated in this event, creating over 7,600 games at 800+ locations in 108 countries.
Within Global Game Jam Belgrade event in 2023, 95 participants created 21 games in 48 hours.

The mission of the Global Game Jam is to empower individuals worldwide to learn, experiment, and create together through games (both digital and tabletop). GGJ is a collaborative event that focuses on building a community and sharing experiences in game development.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions about the Global Game Jam here, or watch this short video.

This year’s Global Game Jam 2024 will take place at Playstudios Europe, located on the sixth floor of Palata Beograd (Belgrade Palace). The entrance is at Masarikova 5; pass through the reception, and the elevators will be on the right side.
The location will be open for 48 hours during the event.

It is possible to develop both digital and board games, whichever suits your team better. Last year we had 18 digital games and 3 board games made by the game jammers.
All intellectual property and rights to the game you submit belong entirely to your team, so if you want to continue working on the game and potentially commercialize it, you have all the rights and freedom to do so.

More detailed and essential info can be found in the Jammer Manual.
In order to participate, you need to REGISTER HERE and sign up on Global Game Jam website.

Since everyone wants to showcase their creations after the exhausting but inspiring work, we will organize game presentations on Sunday starting at 17:30.

Each team will record a video of their game lasting approximately 3 minutes, which will be played in the background on the big screen while the team presents their game.

Presentations are open to everyone, so call your friends and family to join us and check out all the awesome games.