If you are interested in 3D animation and Environment Art, Art Bully has great news for you!

The title says more than a thousand words in the opening paragraph, but let's clarify anyway. The renowned Serbian studio for gaming production, Art Bully, has opened its doors to all those interested in 3D animation and Environment Art. And not only their doors but a whole school, too, as two new courses are starting soon.

Outsourcing studio whose portfolio of clients is endless, and the games they’ve worked on are as big as they get (Fortnite, Call of Duty, Fallout, Stray, as well as about 40 others), offers a new opportunity to gain knowledge in the field of gaming. They have opened The Art Bully Training Center, where about 80% of the participants of the existing 3D modeling course got employed at Art Bully Productions after the course’s completion.

Two new courses that will last 2-3 months are starting soon: 3D Animation and Environment Art. If you are interested in animation, you can also be a complete beginner, because the idea of ​​this course is to take you from zero to hero. The Environment Art course, however, requires that you are already familiar with the basics of 3D modeling (i.e. that Maya is your middle name) and texturing (i. e. that you’re friendy with Substance Painter).

The lecturers on the courses are Art Bully people with lots of experience, ready to pass it on to up to 12 participants. If you are still in doubt whether this is the right choice for you, Maja Vitorović has shared her experience:

“Before attending the course at Art Bully Training Center, I was a graphic designer trying to find a job that really inspired me. I knew I wanted to explore the video game industry, but I lacked the necessary knowledge and skills to do so. Art Bully Training Center provided me with a comprehensive education related to the creation and preparation of assets for games, which later enabled me to work at Art Bully. I’m not sure whether there is a course in Serbia that offers you the option of employment after completing the lectures, exercises, and the final paper, so I think I made an excellent decision.

A big advantage of this course is that it offers a specialized program that allows you to develop specific, in-demand skills for the gaming industry. At the end of the course, participants have several very representative works for their portfolio.

I would recommend this program to anyone interested in gaming. You’ll have a great teacher and learn how to create game assets from start to finish. Be prepared to study and work hard, both during the course and at home. But as someone who has been through it all, trust me – it’s worth it!”