Holidays came early – try ten Serbian indie games at Games.con

Three days of gaming and pop culture are happening at the Belgrade Fair, from December 8 to 10 at the Games.con festival - come try the latest games from local indie studios, talk to their creators and visit the Shift2Games booth, where you can find out all about how to join the video game industry in Serbia.

In the fairgrounds, you can’t miss the big indie zone, where as many as ten local gaming studios and teams will present demos of their games. You can get a Steam key for some of them, and leave valuable feedback to the developers on the basis of which they will further improve their game.

Here are the games waiting for you:

  1. Air Hockey Chaos 3D by Capsule Game Studio – futuristic arcade about classic Air Hockey games with advanced gameplay, tactics and different modes. You hit the pucks with slightly different handles. There are three game styles available: attack, defend and confuse. How you defeat your opponent is up to you.
  2. Water Me & You by Shosha Games – a toy as a drop of water and a seed-like being that can change aggregate states. An exclusively co-op puzzle platform adventure.
  3. Tiny Thieves by Adreamation Games – Fly like a crow, fight people and steal shiny objects. Then sell them to your friend the Mole to earn gems. Equip your treehouse to unlock new skills and upgrade!
  4. Code Alkonost by Alkonost team – an adventure game inspired by Slavic mythology. With a deep emotional story, innovative gameplay mechanics, and visual aesthetics of Slavic culture, the game provides an unforgettable experience and follows the story of the young protagonist Vera in search of the truth. Players will explore dark worlds, face various creatures, and make key decisions that shape the outcome of the story.
  5. Swords and Hexes by Studio BEDEM – spiritual successor to games such as Settlers of Catan and Risk, as well as Heroes of Might and Magic, Civilization and Warcraft 3. A turn-based game that combines strategy with resources and PvP. Players can create their own maps and invite friends to fight with them or against them or clash against artificial intelligence in different game modes. King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, Total Annihilation are just some of the modes that the player can choose.
  6. Hex: Challenge Royale by Digital Ronin – a game based on chess mechanics with elements of fantasy.
  7. Music Box Plus by WebmasterGM – educational multilingual music game for children.
  8. Cody’s Nightmare by Afternoon Games – Cody’s Nightmare is a 2D pixel art game about a boy who is trapped in his nightmare. The only way for him to wake up is to defeat his fears, which are represented through the enemies in the game.
  9. Cloudburst by Phobos – a game that combines battle-royale and survival gameplay to create a new genre that provides the ultimate experience to fans of both genres. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic alternate reality where ancient robots and swarms of drones have brought humanity to the brink of extinction.
  10. Infinity Heroes by Infinity Games – Web2.5 tactical auto battler. Players collect units and heroes, which can be upgraded, and go into battle with them. All units and heroes can also be “minted” on the blockchain, so players have full ownership of them.

Right next to the indie zone, there will be a Shift2Games platform booth, where the team of the Serbian Games Association will be able to explain everything about how to get started in the world of video games and how one day you too can work in gaming. See you there!