Highwater – the third game to expand the Golf Club: Wasteland universe

The post-apocalyptic world created by Belgrade's Demagog Studio looks more beautiful than ever - welcome to Highwater.

Highwater is a 3D adventure game in a flooded post-apocalyptic urban environment. In the midst of a major climate catastrophe, the flooded Hightower region, mockingly renamed Highwater amid the devastating flood, has become a sort of safe zone between two arid regions: the nearly globally devastated war zone and the fortified city of Alphaville, where the ultra-rich live behind huge walls.

Things that Demagog’s team has already accustomed us to, such as prominent ex-YU monuments, recognizable brutalist architecture of Belgrade, as well as original music broadcast on “radio stations”, are in this multimedia title as well.

After the heroes from the Golf Club: Wastland and The Cub titles we’ve already written about, we now meet Nikos, a young man who is persistent in finding a better life (environment) for himself and his friends to collect along the way on his perilous journey. They must first reach the Hightower region and then beyond the impenetrable borders of Alphaville, fighting the rebels and stealing food along the way.

Life on Earth is becoming unsustainable for humans and the situation is getting worse day by day. However, the growing rumors that the rich will soon be evacuated to Mars by a rocket, aptly named “Mission of Hope”, motivate our heroes not to give up. Will Nikos and his friends manage to sneak into the rocket in time? We will find out in December when Highwater will be available, while for now it is possible to add the game to your Steam Wishlist.