Gejmlab Platform Teaches Youth in Serbia About Game Development Within One of The World’s Most Popular Games – Fortnite

Nordeus Foundation makes game development knowledge available to students from all over Serbia

Gejmlab, Nordeus Foundation’s free educational platform for learning about gaming, now teaches youth how to make their first games through one of today’s most popular games – Fortnite. Thanks to the course upgrade on the Gejmlab platform and the sandbox mode of the game, called Fortnite Creative, students can gain their first game development experience with almost no prior technical knowledge.  

How Can Anyone Make a Game With Gejmlab and Fortnite Creative?

The basis of the Gejmlab platform, comprising of the courses on the gaming industry, game development process and different roles in that process, has been upgraded with a course about Fortnite Creative that helps students master the tools and processes to successfully create their first games and share them with players around the world for testing. The course was developed as a result of the close cooperation of Nordeus Foundation and Darko Subotin, Unreal Authorized Instructor and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Drama Arts at the University of Belgrade, who created the practical video content of the course. The course’s videos cover the essentials needed to successfully start creating: everything from the introduction to Fortnite Creative, possibilities and limitations, world-building, environment and lighting, to mechanics and sound

Learning through Fortnite Creative experience is available not only by individually using the platform, but also by way of a school program taking place in six Belgrade secondary schools.  This pilot program kicked off in 2022 sees teachers and students create video games together, all the while acquiring numerous skills and knowledge needed to succeed in one of the largest and most creative industries in the world. Students also had a chance to upgrade the Gejmlab knowledge at a one-day conference organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, as well as at game conceptualization workshops in their schools. Games developed within this program will be presented to the public this summer.

Acquiring Knowledge and Skills Through Game Development

Game development is a multidisciplinary process, helping the students acquire numerous skills and knowledge needed for future success regardless of their chosen career. This is why one of the Nordeus Foundation’s focal points is precisely the development of this type of programs, as they connect the students’ interests with education and technology. 

Expressing creativity and making games in Fortnite Creative helps broaden knowledge in different fields: from technical, such as programming, math, and engineering, to sciences, art, design, even geography, depending on the interests and goals of the person developing the game.   

With the help of Fortnite Creative, the students can even be educated on Sustainable Development Goals – inclusion, environmental protection, social development, economics and tourism. More details about the topic can be found in the education section of the website.  

More About The Gejmlab Educational Platform

Gejmlab is the first, open, free platform for learning about gaming in Serbia aiming to be the central place to acquire skills, knowledge and first experiences in game development. Through courses, expert experience, practical work, and open-source data, the students can gain basic knowledge about the industry and its disciplines and careers. The first version of the platform consisted of courses about 6 key gaming industry disciplines, with a plethora of other useful information and resources. To begin with, experts from Nordeus and Serbian Games Association (SGA) shared their knowledge and experience with the students, and more gaming companies are planned to join. The first six courses were developed as part of the Venture an Idea program, developed by Digital Serbia Initiative with USAid support.