Future C # and Unity developers – applications for a new LAUDA workshop are open

For the fourth time in a row, high school students of all ages and all levels of programming knowledge can apply for LAUDA workshops. Students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of programming in C # as well as the basics of game development in the Unity environment.

LAUDA is a group of volunteers from the game dev and IT industry. Their mission is to create a space that allows high school students to actively learn programming through project work. The founders of LAUDA and the organizers of the workshop are Radmila Popović, software engineer at Microsoft, and Aleksandar Josić, VR programmer at OxfordVR. Both have many years of experience in teaching, and Aleksandar held a workshop from Unity and the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad a few years ago.

Applications are open until March 15 or until capacity is filled. Hurry up and apply!

The workshop is free and online. It will take place on Saturdays in the afternoon, during April and May 2022. During most of the workshop, students work on their projects, and learn by solving specific problems. At the end of all workshops, the expert jury evaluates and awards the most successful projects.

The focus of the workshop is on projects that participants can work on individually or in a team. The end result of the workshop is a completed demo project, which is iteratively improved through playing and testing. Here’s what it looked like last time.

A call for mentors is also open. Anyone interested can join as a volunteer. You can make a significant contribution with a couple of hours invested as a Unity mentor or playtester. More information on this at this link.