The first Serbian game on Netflix – Highwater!

We are extremely pleased to exclusively tell you the news that we have been walking on eggshells around, trying not to reveal it in excitement before it was ready for the public: Demagog Studio has signed a contract with the largest streaming platform, and the mobile version of Highwater will be a Netflix exclusive!

As you may already know, Highwater is the prequel to Demagog Studio’s critically acclaimed debut, Golf Club: Wasteland. Game-wise and graphically, this will be a big level up compared to the first title, because the game is set in a 3D environment, and the gameplay is much more complex. Get ready for a visually enchanting world that will draw you into turn-based combat and introduce you to almost a hundred characters and the forerunner of Radio Nostalgia from Mars! The release of the game for PC on Steam and for mobile devices on Netflix Games is expected “very soon”, and not much later for consoles, too, reports Demagog Studio. So, if you haven’t already, it’s high time you wishlist the game on Steam!

Another thing that’s different about the prequel is that Demagog has handed their new game over to a different publisher. While Golf Club: Wasteland and The Cub (to be released this November) are published by Untold Tales, Rogue Games is in charge of promoting Highwater. Igor Simić, CEO and creative director of Demago Studio, told us that:

“Within Netflix itself, there seems to be a buzz around the game, especially around the emotions the game evokes.”

Rogue Games used that, which is the reason why we now have the first Serbian game on Netflix! The buzz that Igor is talking about is by no means accidental, because Demagog Studio’s team is really skilled in worldbuilding and easily catches you in an emotional net. As Igor said in a lecture he gave at the WN Belgarde conference this year, the main character of their trilogy is actually the world itself. The collaboration with Netflix can therefore help the indie studio’s long-term goal of expanding the world of their games transmedially to TV. When The Last of Us can do it, so can they! We’re crossing our fingers and looking forward to the very thought that we could see Charlie, Nikos and the cub sometime in the future in a film adaptation!